Ordo Thelema – Liber Heptagrammatonorum


Preliminary Invocation of BABALON

Battery “7” or “3-5-3”.
Give the signs of N.O.X.

First movement:

Towards East-Boleskine. Raise your hand high above Your head, draw it down to Your top of head: “NUIT!”, sex centre: “HADIT!”; clasp hands at the chest level – heart centre: “RA-HOOR-KHUIT!”

Second movement:

Towards East-Boleskine draw the Harlots Heptagram; Sign of the Enterer: “BABALON!”; Sign of Silence. Moving to the next corner perform the same. After making the Full Circle stand facing Boleskine.

With both hands (in “fig” gesture) touch sex centre saying/vibrating: “HOATH BABALON!” Rise the energy (moving both hands, thumbs centred) upwards to the Heart Centre: “AD BABALONIS AMOREM DO DEDICO OMNIA NIHILO!”; by rising hands touch the brow centre: “ABADDON!” Spread out hands, thumbs still pointing to brow: “OPENING OF THE EYE!” Rise the hands upwards in the sign of A.&T. (“V” shaped) exclaim: “LA AHEBAH BABALON!” now hit the chest swiftly and say: “NUIT! BABALON! ISIS!” cross the hands (sign of O. risen) saying: “IO PHALLOS!”.

The final movement is identical to the first.

Note: this ritual is created for the following aims:

– As a Banishment of all forces that are not attuned with BABALON.
– As an Invocation of energies of BABALON.
– For Women, as a charm through which manifest the energies of BABALON.
– For Men, a charm to attract a Women who manifest energies of BABALON.
– For Women and Men as an introduction to Sexual Magick. That gives clearance and is stimulating if it is properly performed. BABALON, being universal, can manifest and manifest indeed in any Woman who is open for Her.

Therion ritual

The battery in the centre of the chest: “6-6-6”; give the L.V.X. signs. The first movement can be identical as in “Preliminary Invocation of Babalon”.

Another option is:

Brow: “CHAOS!”
Heart: “JAHBULON!”
Sex. centre: “IO PHALLOS!”
Left shoulder: “BABALON!”
Right shoulder: “BAPHOMETH!”
Cross hands in the centre of c.: “IAO SOL-OM-ON! AN EL HAQQ!”

The second movement:

Facing Boleskine: draw the Heptagram of the Beast; Enterer: “THERION!”; the sign of Silence.
Moving with the sun perform the same on other corners.

Reaching Boleskine, generate the energy in the sexual centre (pointing with both thumbs in “fig” clench): “VIAOV!” Rising hands movement; Heart: “ABRAHADABRA!”; brow: “ON!”; Give the sign of A.&T. (“V” sign) say: “FIAT LVX!” Swiftly hit the centre of c. and again rising hands to skies: “TO MEGA THERION!”

Cross the hands in the sign of O.rissen: “IO PHALLOS!”

Final notice by Fr. A.:

Therion Ritual serves the purposes directly opposite to those of Babalon ritual Invocation, by the invocation of the energies of the Beast – that are actually inseparable of its opposite.

Meditate on the “LUST” tarot trump.

Therion ritual awakens the energies of LVX, similarly to those of Pentagrammic rituals, while Babalon ritual is similar to Hexagram rituals. Contrary to rites of P. & H. these rites directly invoke and awoke the core forces of its principles that more clearly and powerfully outflow from the Magician.

These two “rituals” directly connect the magician with the forces of The Aeon, awakening its Will and consciousness of him/her (Therion) and bringing him/her into deeper Love and Understanding (Babalon).

And as in all magickal procedures is recommended: “Invoke often.”

Frater ALION

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