Invocation of Enochian Senior of Mercury from the Earth tablet


Tuesday 09. III 2004.

02.19h – 03.06h

Astral journey through the sphere of Mercury from the Earth tablet.
Enochian Senior ACMLICV (Acmelico).

I enter the sphere using the names NANTA, then MOR DIAL HCTGA, and finally ICZHHCAL. I am stepping into a Change. I invoke the Senior vibrating the name ACMLICV. Soon I appear in a meadow, it is noon and sunny weather like spring. In front of me is a path that goes forward, loosing in the forest on the edge of the meadow. Later, the path is splitting into two smaller paths moving away from each other. One leads into the woods, while the other passes through the meadow to the hill where is an old lonely tree. I am spending some time at a crossroads, wondering which way to proceed. With the name ACMLICV, a small racoon appears from the bush next to the road, which then leads me to the hill. I climb, the slope is very mild; from the top, I watch the meadow from which I came from and notice that woods surround it. I feel joyfully at this place, a mild breeze blows; it is moderate spring, I feel that I could be here forever. At this place, I completely forget about my physical body outside. Far beyond the hill, there is an endless stone desert, which seems very surprising, this contrast brings additional beauty to this Plane. The racoon is now gone, and I get the knowledge that it is necessary to align the sphere with a hexagram. The sun is precisely above me, so I decide to perform invoking hexagram of Mercury, vibrating ACMLICV. At the same moment, I heard a voice, hooting from the tree on a hill, and now I noticed a big, white owl. I approached her, giving her a sign and pronouncing a name, after which she stayed, and the vision gets on firmness. She starts to speak to me in a voice that sounds only in my head:

You came here, you great soul of Research, and this realm is open to you for all your experiments. Do what is in harmony with our nature, because there is always more of us than you think because this is the nature of Mercury. For some, it is an illusion of duality, but for those chosen, we are proof of the unity of great opposites. Test yourself, O Mage of the gods who are above this earth dominating these parts, in what is your will. You will have time until the setting of Thum, because here the night never ruler. so it wakes up and rushes, because your Lord of Righteousness is already rejoicing in advance for your Success.”

(This is not a literal quote, of course, it was received part by automatic writing.)

I thank her for the manifestation, so in that name I give LVX signs and sign of Shu, pronouncing the Great Name. At that moment I noticed an opening in the ground, like a pit through which I can pass; I am pulling myself in and going through a tunnel which is so high that I have to crawl. It is very dusty and dark. The tunnel slid down slightly and in the distance, I saw a feeble red light. At this point, I feel that the vision is weakening and at one point I almost returned. Invoking the name, I managed to recover clarity in some way and soon I continued my way down. Soon I arrived in a vast hall; the tunnel merged with it at the height of the ceiling. Since the height was not too much, I jumped to the ground, and I stepped into the hall which I tend to explore. The dimension of the hall was about 30 meters long with 10 meters wide; on the side there were white pillars from which torches burned, covering the whole place with a marvelous orange-red light. At the very end of the hall was a marble table on which paper scrolls were located, and many books also. Therefore I hurried in that direction, being sure that I will find the essence of the nature of this sphere. As I came to the table, I noticed that its surface was composed of a massive block of black marble on which enormous Tree of Life was engraved with many assigns of the Sephiroth and the Paths. There was so much information and notes that it was all very dense and very difficult to read. Also, there were scrolls on which many names and records were written on Enochian and Hebrew, as well as other writings on the languages that I did not knew at all. Above the marble table was a large red censer from which a very strong smell of pine trees spread.

I am becoming clear about the nature of this sphere, but I invoke with the name ACMLICV, wishing to get deeper instructions. Above the table, under the influence of smoke from the censer, the contour of a man in a brown robe with a hood on his head slowly began to form, so that I could not see his face. His hands were in the position of prayer. After a check and a greeting, he said to me:

Bow and curtsey to the Brotherly soul of Research. O thou, the great Mage, who managed to enter into this secret chambers, look at the mystery of this creation. Be the first and last, eternal and repulsive, united by the Spirit, as well as Knowledge. This is the residence of the subtle realities and the state of spirit from which you have been made. Here are the records of everything which is ahead of us, and it is just a record and nothing more. The true nature of all this you must seek beyond this realm. And even if you try through countless aeons to transcribe these plans of the same Holy Spirit who advised Great Architect to build this holy Pyramid, you would not be able to write even half of these records which are in front of you. The mystery of this creation is in the guidance of Knowledge, as much as Intuition, and you know it well because your Change is currently in the house of this divine Grace which is your first turn from the Middle Way. So observe this, but do not remember, because remember you will not. How else would you know what your Intuition is already aware of, that would be the defiance of that same Spirit from which your visit was called primarily? Rejoice in this Knowledge and let this hall be open to you always, who is the Child of those Mages who has made the plans for this Pyramid, as well as the plans for that Heavenly Host that this sphere serves.” (Literally received through automatic writing. All dictates in the work with the realms of Seniors were received by automatic writing.)

I praise and salute with 5=6 signs, as well as the signs of Shu and Set; I decide to return back and at that moment everything starts to spin around at a tremendous speed, for a moment I lose the visual sight and as everything returns to normal, I found myself in my room. I knock and return back completely.

I have the impression that I’ve been working for 20 minutes, it has been almost an hour.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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