Enochian circle

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This is a brilliant form of magical circle, which can be performed as a substitution for LBRT. Perfectly suitable for Enochian workings, Invocations and quick Openings.

  1. Qabalistic Cross

Pure vibrations

  1. north       NANTA
  2. south       BITOM
  3. east          EXARP
  4. west         HCOMA


  1. east           ORO IBAH AOZPI
  2. south        OIP PEAA PEDOC
  3. west          MPH ARSL GAIOL
  4. north        MOR DIAL HCTGA


  1. before       BATAIVAH
  2. behind      RAAGIOSL
  3. right          EDLPRNAA
  4. left             ICZodHIHAL 
  1. Qabalistic Cross


Frater Aureus 273∴

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