Enochian Mercury Senior of water tablet


Wednesday, April 10th 2004

15,18h – 16,33h

Astral passing through the Sphere of Mercury of the Water tablet.
Enochian Senior SOAIZNT (SoaiZODant)

After relaxing and rhythmic breathing, I vibrated the Names, gave the signs and went through the door with the engraved sign of Mercury. I found myself on a small barge floating on the ocean; in front of me are the walls of a vastly ruined city. It is noon, the Sun is right above me, and the waves slowly pointing me to the shore. Everywhere above me are thousands of seagulls. The city is impressive, a bit futuristic in appearance with extremely unusual facades and buildings. At the same time, this marvelous futurism is mixing with something very old, which is also embodied in the idea of ​​ruins. Time passes, I am completely approaching the city and now I notice the huge letters “A Tuat LA Tuat A” engraved above the wall of the entrance of city harbor; I understand the nature of the name of Atlantis is hidden in it and with that conclusion I enter the Change. This is the projection of the idea of ​​Atlantis or at least what was left from it. My little bark fits into the harbor, I climb a pontoon finally reaching the land. I have a clear feeling that I do not need to call the name yet, but to go further. As I entered the land, the atmosphere changed drastically, my vision began to fade and I lost strength, so I immediately invoke by the hexagram and vibrate the name of the elemental king, invoking energy and clarity. After a few moments, everything calmed down and as I was convinced that energy and stability had been restored, I continued on. I am crossing on the white marble pontoon in the center of the port where I’ve noticed the steps which leads to a big bluish-white building. Here again, I experience a sharp decline in clarity, and I decide to perform the Middle Pillar for a few minutes in this world, but using the appropriate Enochian names. Therefore, I give to the crown the name of IAIDA, NANTA for throat region, plexus as MPH ARSL GAIOL, RAAGIOSL for genitalia, and SOAIZNT for the feet. While performing the technique, I feel a drastic increase in energy and the security that will eventually allow me to pass through the vision. But I am also aware that I should not exaggerate in this, so I continued with the Path. I climb the steps, with Change getting stronger, I vibrate the names by climbing and eventually reaching to a large building of blue marble. It is very similar to the Poseidon temple on the Acropolis, but its blonde color makes it completely unreal and exalted. There are two guards at the entrance. The left is a powerful, muscular man with an eagle’s head, while the right is a woman with the head of a snake. He holds a shield and a large golden yatagan, while she carries a large silver spear over 2 meters long. I approach them, giving the signs and pronouncing the name. They do not say anything, so I went inside, feeling a little stupid that they ignored me. Inside, I encounter a large pool in a rectangular shape from which blue light comes out. As I approaching, the water transforms into dark and completely opaque matter. Now I call the name SOAIZNT several times and every time as I pronounce the name, so the water is getting more agitated. After around 7th vibration, the great Naga emerges on the surface, a huge snake of two times bigger than myself. I salute with the sign and the higher names. I feel a friendly relationship between us, she approaches the perimeter of the pool; in the beginning, I was a little afraid, so I strayed from the edge. Naga starts to speak: “Do not be afraid, you mage of gods, who are in possession of your MA, why would you be afraid of the knowledge that is beneath you?” I approach, drawing a hexagram and come closer to the edge of the pool. At that moment I enter the great Change, the fear is completely gone and in my being great security and friendly attitude towards Naga is rising. She continues to tell me:

“Know now that you are as chosen by your MA, come into this sphere worn by your will. Know that although you seem to have entered the city-ruin, it is by no means what it looks like, but that this city was also made by man. These are not the remains of the city, because this is the city that you recognized by your MA. It is as ruined because your mind wishes to observe it in that form. Atlantis is beneath the sea, which is wrong because Knowledge is on the edge of the Abyss, and not below it. Knowledge did not sink this city because the illusion and the lie that it was sunk came from the minds of those whose MA resigned and remained submerged in the Great Sea. This city is a city of passage and nobody resides in it, therefore you will see its similarity with Those Pyramids. But that is not the same, you will think about it and so you will devote your MA to the highest gift. Walk through the Waters, and once you’ve passed, go in peace and calm down steadily. Be sure, as you are now, with this MA – to disappear in prayer. You will solve the first half of the equation, leave the other in the darkness, and intact. Even if you solve it, will it not always work untouched, being hidden in the darkness?”(Dictation received by automatic writing.)

On these words, we say goodbye and forgive our names, I perform the appropriate signs that draw her into the depth of water. I returned back.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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