Short astral exploration of the “Qoph” letter

David Chaim Smith

Monday, January 26th 2004

22.04 – 22.51h

Rhythmic breathing and relaxation. After about 15 minutes, the letter is suddenly showed in silver color on a black background which eventually receives the dark blue color of the night sky (the nature of the Moon that is embedded in Ether), while the silver color of the letter becomes purple (quite appropriate). I pass through the letter easily and in front of me is formed the head of a cow, hardened and pulling yoke. Everywhere around me is a muddy field and sludge. In the distance, I notice the outline of pyramids and now I realize that this is a display of the river Nile. High above is the crescent moon shining on a daylight sky. Now I have clear sense that all around the vision is a huge Serpent – python, biting its tail, making the great Circle around this realm. The whole land of Khem is within that Serpent; and now I am looking at constellation of Orion, inside which are 3 stars as pyramids, and the space around the rest of the constellation. And now I am watching Those-Serpent-Which-Eating-Its-Own-Tail, its nature is the nature of Change, which is the nature of the Moon. The Moon is its tail, the mouth is the Sun. Then comes the vision of one heart that pounds, and now the whole planet is that heart. Everywhere around me is a dense mist, this is the Earth at the very beginning of time. Everything is surrounded by an etheric substance from which life will come out. I understand why Prana is the best magical link; the Moon is its master, both the uppermost and the undermost, as the Path of “Moon” and as “High Priestess”. Now the great cauldron is showing before me and with it the whole alchemical Great Work; in front of the cauldron is a colossal green Dragon who guards it; there are also the Red King as well as the White Queen. They pour their tinctures into cauldron, I look inside watching the giant Whirlpool, and now I see it is the Those-Serpent-Which-Eating-Its-Own-Tail. And within it is an Eye of Horus, which is the eye in the triangle that looks at me, and I see it as a pyramid, and the City of Pyramids, therefore I am staring at the High Priestess, but from above. This is part of SanGraa’s secret, because cauldron is the Graal; the idea of ​​the Abyss supports all this. The idea of ​​Elixir and the idea of ​​Grail; sometimes the content of the Elixir is nothing but the content of the Superior Triad (here the Triad are like the Elohim – the plural of the feminine), which are in the Night of Pan. Suddenly I saw the miraculous divine Ram and his white wool that shepherds with the Pan cutting and throwing everywhere around, and this wool is then carried by the wind to the various virgins that are fertilized therein. Later, they are drunk from some strange wine in order to have easy birth, because all of them are carrying Babies-Beasts (Nephilim). And now these babies jumps out of their womb abruptly and furiously, playing on Pan’s flute. Everything is soaked with wine and purple. I am stepping into the Change. Everything is carried in the wind, everything is in the subtle movement and energy. Sometimes it is fertile, and sometimes it is not, for this is the mystery of the Woman and the High Priestess, and the mystery of the Night of Pan and the City of the Pyramids, as well as everything that is beneath it. I am going back and before I return, suddenly I notice arcane “Chariots” that are also the Moon. The charioteer wears a golden-blue nemyss. I return completely.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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