Ordo Thelema – Constitution


Frater Alion

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


The Order of Thelemites is a private organization, non-profit society of religious type, meant to promote practices and studies, philosophical, scientifical and esoteric, as well cultural, educational, recreational, sportive and welfare activities.


The Order of Thelemites has for its principles the exploration and promotion of theory and practice of the Law of Thelema, as it is given in the Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis.


“Every man and every woman is a star.”

The Member of the Order of Thelemites may become anyone who accepts the Law of Thelema and who is ready to become a Member of The Company of Heaven and to take an Oath of Man of Earth (that resembles the entrance, the admission into the Order) independently of gender, race, social status or nationality.


“The Word of the Law is Thelema.”

“Who calls us Thelemites will do not wrong, if he look but close into the word. For there are therein three grades,. the Hermit and the Lover and the Man of Earth. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

There are three Grades in the Order of Thelema: Hermit, Lover, and Man of Earth.

“The man of earth is the adherent. The lover giveth his life unto the work among men.
The hermit goeth solitary and giveth only of his light unto men.”

In all official documents, these Grades shall be known respectively as Magister, Adeptus, and Zelator.

It shall be open for any Zelator to aspire to the Grade of Adeptus. The qualifications for this shall be the regular training of the A∴A∴, and the second is a solitary or group work based on the guidance of the Book of the Law through the communication with other members of the Order of Thelemites.

An Adept shall be at least a Lord of the Paths in the Portal of the Vault of the Adepts in A∴A∴, and the full attainment of the Grade of Adeptus resembles in the attainment of “Knowledge and Conversation with One’s Holy Guardian Angel”.

It shall be open for any Adeptus to aspire to the Grade of Magister. The qualifications shall be:

– Eleven years of service as an Adeptus;

– The attainment of the Grade of Babe of the Abyss in the A∴A∴;

– Retirement from all active work in the Order involving personal contact with groups.

The qualification shall be the signature of the Pledge-Form following:

Man of Earth (Zelator):

“I, ______________being in possession of a copy of the Book of the Law and the Comment thereon by 666, and having studied the same for Eleven Days, do Solemnly Declare that I accept the Law of Thelema, that I will devote myself to discover my True Will, and to do it.”


The Pledge-Form of an Adeptus, or Acting Adeptus, shall contain this additional clause:

I further pledge myself to devote myself to the extension of the Law of Thelema, to study and to expound the same, until such time as, if it be my Will, I may aspire to the Grade of Magister.


The Pledge-Form of a Magister shall contain the clause following, additional to that of a Zelator:

I pledge myself to retire from personal association with men or women, to devote myself to the attainment of the Grade of Magister Templi in the A∴A∴, and to promulgate the Law of Thelema by such means other than those involving the personal association aforementioned, unless by special dispensation from the head of the Order.


There are two ways of Initiation into the Order of Thelemites. First is a self-initiation by taking an oath of the Man of Earth, and the second is (practically addition to first) attendance in The Ritual of passing through TUAT.

Initiation in the Grade of Lover is also double. The first way is taking of the oath of Lover, and second is the attainment of 5=6 Grade in A∴A∴.

Initiation of Hermit is through taking a proper Oath, and also taking of the Oath of Abbys that is the entrance into the 8=3 grade of A∴A∴.


The conception of the Order of Thelemites is in the Book of the Law – Liber AL vel Legis and Order is based only upon the instructions given in that book and functions according to its instructions. Members of the Order may change this Constitution by their own understanding of the Book of the Law and similar Constitutions can be made for other purposes.

Changes and additions to this Constitution will be made only at General Convention of members of the Order.


The Order of Thelemites is not a mystical, magickal or occult Order in common sense of words. Its purpose is to enable its members to succeed in life by learning them the proper attitude towards life and how to avoid wasting time in attempts that do not suit them.


Duty of every member is to explain the Law of Thelema by their own understanding, even to those who are not members, especially towards the practical value that concern personal, social, economic and political problems.


Care should be taken to avoid the Order of Thelemites being classed as an occult or even a religious body; its ceremonial and psychological features shall be explained by insistence on the fact that they are necessary to the primary purpose of the Order, the discovery of his True Will (as opposed to his conscious ideals or wishes) by each individual member.


Consonant with the principles of the Order, propaganda may be undertaken with a view to the removal of arbitrary restrictions on the Will of the individual, and to co-ordinate the laws of every country to the Law of Thelema; that is, the Order of Thelemites shall strive to establish a code, the sole object of which shall be to prevent any man, or body of men, from interfering with the True Will of another. It shall similarly strive to create a Public Opinion in favor of Social tolerance of all opinions and practices which do not interfere with the True Will of the individual and the Community.


All Zelators should use the daily invocations given in Liber CC, and rituals of Liber XXV, XXXVI, and XLIV, but only in accordance with their own True Will, that means that they can perform those rituals but they can also accept others in accordance with the Book of the Law.

Adepts should add to this Liber Samekh.

Group rituals of the Order are those rituals that certain group of Thelemites accepts for their own and which perform them by their Will.


The Order of Thelemites has the following aims:

  1. To promote the activities necessary for its principles.
  2. To concur for the increase of dignity and mutual tolerance among all beings.
  3. To stimulate the organization of institutions and to vivify all activities compatible with its aims and principles.

For this it can:

  1. Establish educational and health centers, clubs, libraries, and similar activities.
  2. Promote the study classes and debates, conferences and seminars, art exhibits, plays, literary issues and other forms of communication.
  3. Create internal Lodges and Organisations.


The Order of Thelemites is categorically opposed to:

(a) All superstitious religions, as obstacles to the establishment of scientific religion;

(b) All codes of morality which fail to conform with “Love under will”;

(c) All social or political systems which tend to hinder the development and hegemony of individual genius;

(d) All forms of education which fail to assist the biological aim of the pupil;

(e) All ordinances which tend to obstruct the course of nature in eliminating the unfit; and

(f) Generally, all things which conflict with the text of Liber L, CCXX, “The Book of the Law”,


Members of the Order of Thelemites can be of the following type:

  1. Associate members (“Associates”) – which are the persons who only became members of “The Company Of Heaven” or belong to some other Order or Organisation that accept the Law of Thelema (that possess their own hierarchy and are not in direct connection to the Order of Thelemites).
  2. Members of the Order – they take their “Oaths”, based on the Pledge-Forms models given by Master Therion and thus have all duties and privileges according to that.


“For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result,
is every way perfect.”

The following are the duties of Members:

  1. To obey to their Oaths
  2. Having accepted tasks, functions or errands of the Order, to fulfill such with probity and zeal.
  3. Not to do anything that is not in accordance with their own True Will.


Members of the Order can not be “expelled”, but they can be excluded by Severment. Severment is effected by an agreement of members of a certain group who do not want to cooperate with one who is Severed by their non-alignance of Wills.


The Order has no leader, nor ruler (above others), nor overseer; only hierarchical division is on Three Grades by which Lovers are “above” Man of Earth, and Hermit “above” them. This hierarchy is based on spiritual attainment and does not mean government to others.


“Success is thy proof: argue not; convert not; talk not overmuch!”

Commands and Banings are not allowed in the Order of Thelemites. Everyone must work it’s own True Will and no one else should appoint what is for him or her. The Order supports the cooperation and communication among its members.


In the domain of every member is to represent the Order before the law of one’s country in domain of his or her own understanding as it is defined in this Constitution, amendments to the same and according to the Book of the Law. No one may be responsible for someone else.

In case of need, by agreement, there might be appointed one Representative who can represent the Order as a whole before the law, nationally or internationally.


Every group may appoint one person to be a Representative of this group. One of Zelators may be appointed for general communication with the “outer”, one Adept can be appointed for communication with Zelators, and one Master can be appointed for directing of these two “lower” Grades. These offices are based on agreement and according to Will of potential person who might be a Representative.


It is in the competence of the Representative:

  1. To prepare and collect the Thelemites materials and learnings thus creating archives and the libraries of the Order.
  2. To explain the principles of the Order and the Law of Thelema, to individuals and on public meetings.
  3. To initiate new members in the Order and to approve the creation, regulation or dispersal of organizations that exist inside or around the Order.
  4. To manage the administration of the Order.


General Assemblies of the Order may be Ordinary or Extraordinary.

Ordinary Assembly is held annually in for of Convention of Thelemites and a Feast.

Extraordinary Assembly is held by members of groups at their own Will, daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Members and Non-Members may be present at these assemblies unconditionally and without restrictions.


General Assemblies of Zelators, Adepts, and Masters may be called by themselves alone with discretion to discuss upon matters of the interest of the Order and their Grades. On these Assemblies, a Representative of a “higher” Grade should be present.


General Extraordinary Assemblies debate subjects of general policy, the creation of subsidiary organisms, and needed expansion of the activities of the Order or reformulation of its organization. Subjects to be discussed shall be declared before the Assembly by the one Representative.


The General Extraordinary Assembly shall freely discuss the subjects laid before it, then will vote upon them. The vote count with Assembly’s recommendations shall be afterward be laid before all members of the Order who were not present at the G.E.A. No one is obliged to obey the matters recommended it they are on the contrary of the True Will of that person.


The Order shall be ruled by this Constitution and all decrees and acts of the Members who propose them can not go against the herein established, in other words, they must be in attunement with the Law of Thelema.


Any other regulations and instructions, and any other norms established by individual members will be added to this Constitution if they are in the spirit of Thelema.


The Order, in the “outer” plane, exist while there is at least one Thelemite who is dedicated by its work to it and with the study of the Book of The Law.

The Order on the “inner” plane exist in the period of lasting of the Aeon of Horus, as it is appointed by the Book of The Law.


The Order may be divided in diverse administrative and working areas, by places and towns for the practical reason of close cooperation and communication of Thelemites.


The Order may absorb or incorporate other organizations that may have aims and purposes similar to those of the Order and may be willing to submit themselves to the Constitution, regulations, and by-laws of the Order of Thelemites.


The duties of Members and Representatives, as other administrative duties of the Order and its organizations, are free of charge and free of payment, and they are fulfilled on a voluntary basis.

Nevertheless, as no work (practical, creation of libraries…) can be carried on successfully in the outer without money every group of members may agree about its attendance in “fees” (with regard to Initiation Fees, Annual Subscriptions, and any other matters relating to the material welfare of the Order as may seem in their discretion necessary or expedient).

Members are charged to support the Order and its activities according to their ability and True Will.

Love is the law, love under will.

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