New book: “LAM – the Way: The Psychonauts’ Workbook”

Dear people, I am happy to announce the release of the book “LAM – the Way: The Psychonauts’ Workbook”, which I prepared together with my brother Recuperatio 146, Akefalon Kaos, and with the help of many dear collaborators who completed this fantastic book with their texts, and all under the auspices of the GNOZEN Institute from Ljubljana. This book is made by amateurs and enthusiasts. Format 6×9 inches, 320 pages in color printing, with our humble art of book design, covers, as well as translation, we are proud to present our modest contribution to the study of the phenomenon of LAM. Unfortunately, the price of the book has been increased both because of the number of pages and because of the color printing, but we tried to put the book into to reasonable price range.

Here you can find the link on Amazon, for both paperback and kindle format –

I am informing you that the GNOZEN Institute will organize a world symposium about the phenomenon of LAM, which will take part in 2024/2025.

Also, the current publishing project about LAM is going to continue in the future, as an annual or bi-annual magazine dedicated to research about this Cosmic Intelligence. All the interested readers, practitioners and researchers are invited to submit their essays, artworks or reports for future publication. For inquiries and submissions regarding this please write to GNOZEN Institute at:

I hope you will enjoy this book, as much as we enjoyed its magnificent creation.

Frater 273

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