Dear people, I am very happy to share with you my new YouTube channel – Frater273 (, which I do quite amateurishly, but like my whole blog – it came from the heart. For now, I have a few videos on my YouTube channel, but there will definitely be more over time. Some of them were recorded with a background music that I composed. I hope you enjoy the clips as much as I did in their creation. You will also be able to find live recordings of my webinars. Thank you for your support.

Practical Magic webinar

Lucid dreaming workshop

Scrying workshop

Treatise on Lucid dreaming/Astral projection/Out of body experience

The Holy Guardian Angel

Magical Motto

Magical Robe

The Magical Link

Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos!

Observations of the Ritual of the Pentagram

On Sexual energy

On meditation

Enochian magick – The Call or Key of the Thirty Aethyrs

First and Second Enochian Key