Probationer’s compendium

Soon to be released!

Probationer book“A∴A∴ is a living body. More so, the A∴A∴ is at the same time a living organism of that simplest, most wicked nature. The species that manage to survive over time, which adapts to all circumstances and every environment. A∴A∴ is a virus of the deadliest kind, one transmitted by thoughtful touch. Its incubation period is ever; although nobody has yet perished from it, for sure no one has been cured. That virus, once settled into its host, starts to do something that is an entirely unique phenomenon in the universe. Instead of changing its host, it changes the universe.”

“You can determine that your whole apparatus, your system of bloodstream is actually an open system and that it is just part of a more extensive process and movement in the universe, so the moment you truly realise that you are the one conditioning the blood circulation, or who contracts the heart muscle, that moment you will be the one who shines all the light from the stars.”

“All the troubles in our art come from the fact that we are not able to understand the simple thing – that every knowledge and every conversation is the Knowledge and Conversation with the A∴A∴. Think about how much forms it has, how much knowledges? How much A∴A∴? Your entire life is a way of performing one same dialogue between you and your God; no, it is precisely in that “between.”

“A∴A∴ certainly is not, either will ever be a Thelemic order, but a pan-æonic, all-pervading, omnipresent. Like a star space, in which there is neither morning nor dusk, its spreading is not framed by the loom of time nor space. Moreover, its movement is always as its nature is everywhere. The Dawn of the New Æon will never experience its afternoon as long as we proclaim it as New.”

“It is very important to realize that our entire system consists of inseparable subgroups, that all together contribute to the whole in specific symbiosis. Our art should only be understood as a whole; it is completely impossible to understand the system of numbers if we would favour the value of one number more than the other, or if we expel any number from the numeral system, whether it is a decimal, octal, binary, or any else. We are strongly against any specialist doctrine, our path is in interweaving and intercourse, not in exclusivity.”

“Grades are meridians of the soul and like earthly meridians, they are just a matter of agreement, and as it does not mean that there are clearly visible lines on the planet, it can be said that from the standpoint of LVX, the Grades do not exist. All the Grades of all the aspirants together are constantly impelling one single query, and that is: Where are you? What we truly need is an answer to other, a more important question, which is: Who are you?”

“Each Oath is primarily a natural phenomenon or more precisely – a natural occurrence, and its giving cannot be constrained to words, the shape of lips, a scribble on a piece of paper, but by Will. Once proclaimed, is not the Will expression of the whole universe? Who then gives an Oath when that same universe is that pen, and that paper where the Oath were written, and those lips that pronounce it, and the one who witness it, and the one who swear it? In a similar way as we have mentioned it earlier, the Aspirant’s Oath is the magical Link of the highest kind.”