LAM working, part 3

Interesting things happen when you observe the darkness, in the same way as when we stares in the mirror, the essence is to look with the peripheral view and let everything be covered by a dim cobweb, which is a purely physiological effect. At the same time, the Change in consciousness occurs, which is ideal for astral projection; especially as the three-dimensionality of the blackness arises, then the simple effort of will is quite sufficient to submerge "into it."

LAM working, part 4

While sitting in asana, I spent some time in gently breathing, relaxing myself. Now I stare at the distance of the blackness behind the eyelids. For some time I have doing so, but later at moments as if I spotted a light flash in the distance, therefore I decided to focus on "it", and entering into great Change. After a few moments of thrill, I appear in a three-dimensional sphere, like a capsule in a dark silvery color.

LAM working, part 5

All this Vision and Voice was so heavy and inexplicable that I will enter the record that it is shown as a Dragon, as it truly was; only that and nothing-but-that. His Slime and his Scale were this Vision and this Voice. This ray is partly received by automatic writing. Partly through inexplicable knowledge that remains unwritten. But I remembered.