Astral projection and Lucid dreaming

A change in consciousness that is experienced during the trance and astral projection is more valuable than all the books you read and workshops on which you have ever been. Without experience of astral projection, the whole system of Western and Eastern teachings is just another fairy tale.

Ideal workshop for astral projection will be during a weekend, but it could be reduced to one day only. Of course, that is depending on the size of the group and some other aspects.

Here is the topics for workshop, but usually it can be changed – in accordance with the wishes and demands of the group.

If you are interested to have or to organize this workshop feel free to contact me.


  • Introduction about seminar. Preliminary words about program. Suggestions. Preparing for success. Motivation.
  • What is astral projection? Theory and practice. What isn’t astral projection? What is the astral plane? Mechanism of projection.
  • Wake state. Sleep state. REM state. Astral state. Dream as gateway. Astral and dream diary. How to write and when. Types of projections. Dream theory and analysis.
  • Lucid dreams. False awakening. Sleep paralysis.
  • Ideal time for practice. Wrong way of doing things – 95% of your practice.
  • Understanding of failure in astral. Tactile imagination vs. visualization. Ways of overcoming typical errors. Personal experiences. Question of motive and inner will.
  • How to do it. Personal examples. Direct and indirect techniques. Wrong way of doing things. Getting the experience in 3 days max. Daily nap – your holy grail to success. Body positions.
  • Void – very important place and astral harbor. Problems between worlds. Blindness. Fear. Vibrations and how to deal with them.
  • Breaking the experience. What to do once you are in the astral plane. Deepening the experience. Importance of action plan. Faults.
  • Works of Magick in Astral. Building your personal temple in astral. Your personal high realm and how to get to that place?


  • Trance state. Method of conducting, western and eastern ways of understanding. Higher state of consciousness. Practical. Issue of Trance in Astral workings.
  • Astral portals. Other worlds. Plane Travels. Art of teleportation. Problems and resolutions. Some practical tips.
  • Art of flying. Travel to distance places. Time travel. Practical tips and problems which may occur during practice. Alice effect and Astral wind – unique experience in spiritual life.
  • Enochian world. Goetia working in astral plane. Meeting with spirits. Astral libraries.
  • Tree of Life. Tarot Arcanas as Plane portals. Holy Guardian Angel and Astral plane.
  • Astral entities, Guides, Angels. Elemental worlds and elemental beings. Differences between the worlds. Meeting with passed people.
  • Recapitulation. Additional questions and conversation. Meaning of projection in everyday life. Closing words.