On the Angel and the Abyss
The Neophyte must be a skeptic in his own faith, always thinking that ours is the method of science and the goal of religion.

On Tarot
The author of Tarot is not the one who drew it but the one who holds it.

On the use of magical words
There are only a few more practical tips related to the mantra; when you repeat it, imagine there is a dark cave in the center of the chakra.

Short notice about the Vampire
This is certainly something like wrestling between Jacob and the Angel, while cunningly saying to himself “How great I am to wrestle with an angel,” at the same time being afraid and refusing to wrestle with any material opponent.

Preliminary words on Scrying
He must understand that both him, his vision, and his eyes are only a part of one and the same apparatus, and even when he has completely failed, it is precisely the desire of that mechanism to manifest in this way.

Divine embodyness
The body itself is an orgasm of the Sphinx, every sensation hides the phenomenon which the entire cosmos originated from, each and every moment we receive the same information about the Knowledge and Conversation, but our perception refuses to process that information.

Two short astral visions
I am vibrating names, and passing through. I show up on a single leaf of a tree. I am so tiny; in front of me, there is a drop of some liquid, actually dew, sliding down that leaf.

On our holy vehicle
Each move of ourselves is a child moving; each step is a step of a child striving for the light. The Neophyte must feel well and, above all, find that child within himself.

More on magical link
You are the supreme example of a magical link toward your Angel, with whom you are always the one and the same thing.


More on the nature of the Neophyte
Desire is the compensation of the Will, which is mantled in Binah and Malkuth in the same way. In fact, it is fair to say that the moment the Will blew by Binah, it was at the same “moment” that it was found in Malkuth.

About the Neophyte
The Neophyte is a newcomer, but not because he gets new experiences, but because he gets right experiences and comings.

On magical link
A free man doesn’t strive for what he already has, only the prisoner yearns for freedom.

Memorising the Chapter
Probationer is required to learn one chapter by heart, but there is something of at least the same importance.

IAO formula
IAO – is “ouch”, cried by your Angel, as somehow he step on over some remarkable thorn on his path through the light, every time you act “out of him”.

Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos!
At the very beginning of Star Ruby; aspirant is dashing down the hand with a great sweep back and out, crying: “Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos!”.

On Nuit
At dawn she is a girl; at noon she is the mother, at midnight she is a a whore. She has no name because she is nowhere. Like Pan is everything, so she is Nothing.

On Hadit
When people observe one same thing, they will all see a different thing.

On Change
Therefore, each and every truth that exists for more than a moment is a Qliphoth.

On sexual energy
Masturbate, play not with your body but with you mind. Masturbate your mind, let the Universe arrouse you in his own way. You soul is the sexual object of the whole Universe, let the whole Universe arouse itself with your thinking about the same Universe. Your whole Ego is just an echo of the Universe’s orgasm.

On some peculiarity of the Probation
All past and future times, all of them are before his Pyramid, for only eternal now is left inside.

Dream Theater
The true crown of achievement is not to remain a child, but to become a child.

About Grades denotement
Every movement of Genius is accompanied by authenticity, from the way of his speech, walking, and even so corrupt things such as tics; it seems that the authenticity of Genius is magnificent in things that an ordinary man would suffer in the eyes of critics.

The Dawn of the Æon
Your entire life is just one of the ways of performing one and the same dialogue between you and your God; no, it is precisely that between.

About the essence of the Robe
As you move, so does the Robe move – it is one movement and one Will, inasmuch as the Angel and the Aspirant are One.

On Genius
What defines a Genius is his authenticity, his exceptionality which exceeds all standards of taste and mediocrity, to the extent that the worst vulgarity in his possession easily becomes an object of the highest divine providence.

On the names of power
There is nothing so effective as the nature of silence; the full effect of the ritual is only after its last word, never during the performance.

On magical Motto
The Motto is a metaphor of Will. Choosing the Motto is the Aspirant’s first attempt of the Great Work.

More on magical Motto
The relationship between the Motto and the Angel is the same relationship between the Aspirant and the Motto. In every present which continually exists in the same way, the Aspirant, the Motto, and the Angel are one and the same thing.

Liber Resh. Some notes on practices. Also, on Māyā or Illusion.
The essence of Liber Resh is not in a single execution, like it may be in Samekh, but in constant, daily repetition, even when you are not aware of progress, to remind you what awaits you at the end of the Path. It reminds you of golden Tiphareth, gently and continuously.

About the A∴A∴ Grades
Grades are meridians of the soul and like earthly meridians, they are just a matter of agreement, and as it does not mean that there are clearly visible lines on the planet, it can be said that from the standpoint of  LVX, the Grades do not exists.

On Dreams
A note in the dream Diary does not serve to admire your phantasmagorias but to dissect them, measure them, probe them with the flame of childish intrigue.

Three great Lights
At each moment, every Student is illuminated by the three great lights of the A∴A∴: his Superior who is assigned to him, his Diary which is written by him, and his Angel which is manifested through him.

Persephone is none other than the Probationer; his Oath is Cora’s grain of pomegranate. Even knowing the consequences of all this, it would not prevent Cora from tasting the fruit which would permanently tie her to the dark, distant kingdom so far away from home and her mother.

Superior’s task
Disguised as a beggar, the great Odysseus was patiently enduring suitors’ abuse. He uttered words which the Probationer will sense perfectly: “Still, my heart, for you have suffered heavier things”. Secretly knowing that, when the time comes, he will kill every one of them.

More about Probationer
The Probationer is an uncut gemstone of the A∴A∴ which will never become a valuable sapphire, or a brilliant.

Liber Pyramidos
All your Grades, all Oaths, tasks and achievements are just a mere fantasy of the Self which lies in its Pyramid. And all the time while you project this, dreaming quietly in the tomb, your soul rushes toward stars; yea, your soul rushes towards stars.

Comments on Liber Pyramidos
Hail! Asi! Hail, Hoor-Apep! Let The Silence speech beget!

Affiliation of Heavens
The practice does not serve the Probationer for any achievement, but for the attack, above all on his thinking apparatus, which in this way acts as leverage of his Ego to move it from the usual pedestal in which it is fixed by inertia.

Particles of Self
In all its exceptionality, a clay teapot is not real; what is real is only clay. How would a teapot ever exist without clay? A teapot is just clay formed by Genius in the shape of a teapot. Ice does not exist; there is only water. Ice is only a consequence of Will passing through water, transforming it into ice. It is the same with all the other elements.

A spark of that Light
Throughout the Probation, an Angel might express his nature in a single moment, in a dream or a lost thought, but in a manner that is completely incomprehensible to the mind of the Probationer.

On Magick and Mysticism, and their alliance toward Thelema
You can climb into the house of God, but you can also make your house divine if you settle the Lord inside. It is one of the roughest divisions of our Art; on the path of Mysticism and the path of Magick.

On Pentacle
Pentacle is an aphorism of Reality, its arabesque miniature. A symbol or picture of the Universe, as the magician sees it, is carved upon the Pentacle. On the first sight, you can ask me how to represent the endless Universe, with all its parts and Realms, upon something so finite, small and seemingly fragile?

On Yoga and Oneness
Becoming One with the Other Being a totally awkward thing. You are by yourself One, why would you be the same One with someone else?

On Lamen and Circle
Lamen is eidolon of your True Nature, your Great Work. It is a specific form of the awareness of yourself as a star; it is your personal identity card in the Universe. If you wanted to make a duplicate of your Great Work, you would make a Lamen. Lamen demonstrates your Consciousness. Essence is in the firmness of its construction, in the fact that it represents the Will that you became aware of.

Some notes on Probationers and Neophytes
“I believed then, and believe now, that the Probationer of A∴A∴ is nearly always offered the opportunity to betray the Order, just as the Neophyte is nearly always tempted by a woman”.

On some peculiarity of the diary
There are two types of diaries. The first type, which, for many, serves as a reminder. And another, which for a few serves as a testimony. The former is a gift of the most precious kind, making the Aspirant see that every record in the Diary is one and the same dialogue between him and his God; each entry is a description of always the same thing but in countless other languages, as each event is actually just one of the infinite numbers of anagrams of the name of his Angel.

There is no one in this world who can tell you where or what this path is, as long as you follow your nose, you are on the right track.

On some thoughts being a Neophyte
The practice of writing a magical Diary is the first true step inside the Golden Dawn, and if I had to reject all meditations and ritual practices, I would do so if it will be allowed for me to carry my magical Diary.

Grades and nothingness
Our stand is that Initiation is pointless without touching the aim; as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is the ultimate destination of the outer Order, everything beyond that is mere bureaucracy blinded by spirituality.

On some resemblances between the nature of the Diary and the nature of the Grades
It can be said that each Grade cherishes a specific relationship with the Diary, that there is a special thread that binds the Diary with a certain Grade, and that this thread has a different nature on each occasion.

On Yoga, and Buddhism, and Enlightenment, and the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel
This is the paradox of Yoga. You cannot practice Yoga. You cannot practice Achievement – it would mean that you have already achieved it. What moves you away from the Yoga is your practice of Yoga, as exercise is the essence of every failure.

Notes on the Ritual of Pentagram
If we limit ritual of Pentagram for purification, we will remain limited. In fact, the ritual of Pentagram is the crossroad between the Paths of “Art” and the “Tower”. It is like a miniature Tiphareth operation.

A∴A∴ is a living body. More so, the A∴A∴ is at the same time a living organism of that simplest, most wicked nature. The species that manage to survive over time, which adapts to all circumstances and every environment.

The Robe
No other magickal aid is used as often as a Robe, and within the plane of the Golden Dawn, no other weapon suggest equally at the Grade and the ultimate goal, which is always and only the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, as much as the Robe does.

The Magical Diary
Diary is not a record of your practice, but a record of your living soul, it is not a reminder of what it was, nor what it will be, but always and only what it is now.

Teaching is the best way of learning. The role of the Superior is to be a fellow sufferer, a wandering companion, a witness of the sacred act of the Oath which Student undertakes.

About Grades denotement
Every movement of Genius is accompanied by authenticity, from the way of his speech, walking, and even so corrupt things such as tics; it seems that the authenticity of Genius is magnificent in things that an ordinary man would suffer in the eyes of critics.

On certain words within the A∴A∴ and on some considerations about the formula of a Neophyte
Above all, one should take into account that M….M is not a word but a formula, that only represents or resembles a subtle inner story, and in its proper form it is necessary to get it from yours Zelator.

Practicus and Philosophus. On Jñāna and Bhakti Yoga. Also, on IAO formula.
The way of brilliant Mind and Mercury and the fiery path of Love and Venus. Those two directions are clearly contained in these two instructions: invoke often and inflame thyself in prayer.

Invocation and Evocation. On trance. And some considerations about Moral and Ethics of the Æon
Methods of Invocation and Evocation are related to the Sephiroth of Mercury and Venus. Again, those are two types or two aspects of one Path. In other words, Invocation is the same as Evocation, but from a different point of view.

On certain thoughts concerning Thelema
Thelema is a condition for every good Magick, not the contrary; only after understanding this a serious work can begin.

Astral projection. Fundament of dreams. Also, on trance techniques.
A change in consciousness that is experienced during the trance and astral projection is more valuable than all the seminars and workshops on which you have ever been. Without experience of astral projection, the whole system of Western and Eastern teachings is just another fairy tale.

Treatise on astral plane and rising on the planes
Economy of time is crucial in the Astral. Contrary to that, the economy of movement is crucial for breaking and collapsing the whole of that experience. You have to move around constantly, touching all the things as much as you can.

A∴A∴ – Astrum Argenteum
The Order of the Star called S. S. is, in respect of its existence upon the Earth, an organized body of men and women distinguished among their fellows by the qualities here enumerated. They exist in their own Truth, which is both universal and unique.

About the body of light, and a specific scent that follows its course
In order to observe with your astral eyes, you have to start looking with altered consciousness. You have to acquire a conditioned reflex to change the state of consciousness at the moment when you step into the new body and look upon things from a new perspective.

Book of the Heart girt with a Serpent
What has to be told openly here is that the Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent can be everything that an Aspirant of the Golden Dawn would ever need, and all the tasks and instructions of our Order are only pale echoes of its verses.

Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter I
Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente SVB FIGVRA ADNI – Chapter I

Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter II
Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente SVB FIGVRA ADNI – Chapter II

Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter III
Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente SVB FIGVRA ADNI – Chapter III

Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter IV
Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente SVB FIGVRA ADNI – Chapter IV

Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter V
Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente SVB FIGVRA ADNI – Chapter V

On relationship between the Student and the Superior
The relationship between the Student and the Superior does not represent teaching, but rather associating, like an attempt to explain the smell of a rose when the Student has never smelled anything of that kind before.

About the nature of Genius
There are no Grades, as there are no incarnations. There are no other lives. Are they not just an excuse for our weakness to understand this one?

A comfortable temptation
The Probationer “invokes often”, without glow, without desire, without passion for the result. His only passion is the Great Work itself, which is so far from him and in which he does not possess any Knowledge.

On the art of Conjuration
Each pronunciation of the name is an act of Invocation. Every letter and every instance of naming things, whether known or unknown, is a true conjuration.

Hide and Seek
At the very beginning, the Probationer is encouraged to scrabble all that blurred area which he knows as Curriculum or program of his Grade, as he will be thrown into the fire; in every way, in all aspects, as much as the Superior feels it is possible. This fire is by no means an aggressive, militant creation, the one that feeds by the Probationer’s fear and weaknesses.

The Circulation Of Shadows 
If the Aspirant looks closer at the Tree of Life, he will notice that Binah’s influence is quite far away; so far beyond the Abyss, behind the golden Tiphareth, that he may think that the action of Binah can be compared to the influence of a distant star upon an ocean’s tide.

A∴A∴ Constellations
Every star constelation thus have its own structure and nature of flight – faster, slower, closer to or more away from the center, aproaching, or going away, but still gravitationaly attached to A∴A∴ “central station”.

Parts of heaven
There are usually three periods of Probation, such as a standard school composition, that has an introduction, elaboration, and conclusion. However, although true works of art are not subject to generalization, some common indications can be noticed.

About Trigrams
The best definition for me is that it includes the representation of the Reality beyond the decimal system that the traditional human mind is cultivating, it is simply Morse’s alphabet for the Cosmos.

Short notice about the Oaths
The Oath is fulfilled with the awareness of the task. By its acceptance, you have already passed on.

About the Oaths and certain aspects of the Being
There is something about this place, but I cannot say with certainty that it is a task. I would rather say it is the term of inertia, but leave this second aside until the first one is realized.

The Art of Assumption
Magical link is a minimal condition for transfer of Force, simply speaking. The simplicity of this definition does not diminish its truthfulness.

The Opening
Therefore, let your introductory Work be pure and True as far as possible; you must build a dramatic performance and allegory of that what is presented on your Pentacle. Therefore, instead of the Qabalistic Cross, you could use some other way that your Being accepts in its own way.

A letter to one Probationer
Dear Brother, correspondence between you and Victor made me write you earlier than I planned. For some time I have been designing a quality group work to revive and engage our Kaaba.

Another letter to the Probationer
As the Probationer progresses further through his Grade, encountering various Eastern and Western thoughts, theories and practices, he must be aware of what is really needed and what is not.

Book release! Anatomy of the Abyss – the Probationer’s compendium
I am so glad to announce that my book has come out. Both paperback and ebook are now available on Amazon.

The Grades Correspondences
Graduum Montis Abiegni. A Syllabus of the Steps Upon the Path.

Gematria values
Gematria values of letters.

Sacred Alphabets.

Passwords of the Grades
Passwords of the Grades, from Malkuth to Keter.

A∴A∴ Words of the Grades
The Words of the Grades, from Probationer to Ipsissimus.

A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of A∴A∴

22 Paths of the Tree of Life

Tattwas and the Tree of Life
Relationship between Tattwas and the Tree of Life.

Scheme of Work
An example of pattern, by which aspirant can enter his own experience and which could be universal for all practices.

Additional literature for Aspirants
The literature which could be useful to all Aspirants of the Argentum Astrum, in addition to the Official Syllabus of the Grades.

Grand Neophyte Greeting
A∴A∴ is presently admitting Students and Probationers. All who are interested should apply to The Grand Neophyte who is assigned for contacts with the Outer.

The Oath of a Probationer
I do hereby resolve: in the Presence of Neophyte of the A∴A∴: To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain control of the vacillations of my own being.

A∴A∴ Probationer Examination
Analyze your magickal Motto. Realize how it manifested through Yourself. Explain how Liber LXV affected you and what is your opinion of it.

The Oath of a Neophyte
I do hereby resolve: in the Presence of Zelator of the A∴A∴: To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain control of the vacillations of my own being.

A∴A∴ Neophyte Examination
Explore astrally all the Tatwas – pass through the door with the symbol of Tattwa and explain it in detail according to your visions.

The Oath of a Zelator
I do hereby resolve: in the Presence of Practicus of the A∴A∴: To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain control of the vacillations of my own being.

A∴A∴ Zelator Examination
Analyse Your Magickal Motto and realize how it expressed itself through you. Describe one of Holy books of Thelema that mostly influenced you in the past period.

The Oath of a Practicus
I do hereby resolve: in the Presence of Philosophus of the A∴A∴: To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain control of the vacillations of my own being.

A∴A∴ Practicus Examination
Practicus Examination.

The Oath of a Philosophus

A∴A∴ Philosophus Examination
Philosophus Examination.

The Oath of a Dominus Liminis

A∴A∴ Dominus Liminis Examination – Part I

A∴A∴ Dominus Liminis Examination – Part II & III

The Oath of an Adeptus Minor

A∴A∴ Adeptus Major Oath and Task
A∴A∴ Adeptus Exemptus Oath and Task

A∴A∴ Magister Templi Oath and Task

The Oath of the Abyss

Malkuth and Foundation of Qabalistic Dogma
Qabalah, as a system that envelops Reality in a single universal glyph, and as a map of all possible and impossible possibilities, is the one of shining examples of a great Foundation and a glorious Crown. Its universality lies in the exact condition of any certain progress, and that is the wisdom of defining mutual relationships. Qabalah defines the whole Universe not by descriptions, but by relations.

Yesod and the Path of “Universe”
Now we will devote ourselves to ninth Sephira, Yesod. It is above Malkuth, and precede it. This is a good point to differentiate between two things that I already notice are hovering in your mind. A “preceding Sephira” is an awkward term that I want to clarify.

So many aspirants define this sphere as the sanctuary of the Force, this is ultimately a cowardly conception that implies the identification of power through morality.

There and Back Again – about the sphere of Hod
I am glad that previous lectures were of interest for you. You tell me that you want to go further, that you must go further, that you feel insatiable thirst for a specific form of drunkenness by different forms of consciousness, and that you are feeling true hunger for Change.

More about the sphere of Hod
Every thing as it is, contains a huge number of forces which manifest through it. In addition, there is a certain kind of force which, as result of external influences, emanates from inside.

Frater Alion∴ Thelemic Tarot

Thelemic Tarot deck.
Complete display of 22 Major Arcana.

Frater Alion∴ Tarot

Qliphothic Tarot – Frater Alion∴

Ordo Thelema – Constitution
In the Order of Thelema (as also given in Liber AL vel Legis) there are but three grades: the Hermit, the Lover, and the Man of Earth.

Ordo Thelema – Alion Practicum
As You might know, we have established a practical Order incorporated in our “Order of Thelemites” (Ordo Thelema – O∴T∴) that we named “Ordo XI”.

Ordo Thelema – Liber Nut – Nuit Meditation

Ordo Thelema – Liber Hut – Hadit Meditation

Ordo Thelema – Liber Khut – Ra Hoor Khuit Meditation

Ordo Thelema – Liber Linea Imagum Dei
Thelemic Middle Pillar.

Ordo Thelema – Liber Pentagrammaton vel Hoori

Ordo Thelema – Liber VI vel Misteria Macrocosmica

Ordo Thelema – Liber Heptagrammatonorum

Ordo Thelema – Liber Invocatorum

Ordo Thelema – Liber Misteriorum Rosae Crucis

Ordo Thelema – Liber Khabs

Ordo Thelema – The Mass of the Night
This is the Mass of the Godess of endless space and infinite stars in it.

Book announcement: Anatomy of the Abyss 2nd volume – Neophyte’s compendium
Anatomy of the Abyss 2nd volume – Neophyte’s compendium.

Zelator’s practice recordings of Liber HHH
Meditation found in Liber HHH, which is particularly refered to the Zelator.

Astral vision – trigram Zhen, watery aspect
The whole landscape around me is typically astral, whole this universe is in very bright orange – pink color, like in the color of the sunset. I notice bubbles everywhere and in every bubble standing one magician.

Short astral exploration of the “Qoph” letter
Rhythmic breathing and relaxation. After about 15 minutes, the letter is suddenly showed in silver color on a black background which eventually receives the dark blue color of the night sky.

LIBER KHUT – Ra-Hoor-Khuit Meditation
Enter the Temple (Temple has a four Gates – Ra, Ahathoor, Tum & Kephra). Go to the Center of Temple, You see the four stations of the Sun – feel it, sense its force – You are becoming a Star in the Center.

Invocation of Enochian Senior of Mercury from the Air tablet
I enter the sphere by passing through the door with the stamped symbol of Mercury at the top, invoking and vibrating the names.

Invocation of Enochian Senior of Mercury from the Earth tablet
At the same moment I heard a voice, hooting from the tree on a hill, and now I noticed a big, white owl. I approached her, giving her a sign and pronouncing a name, after which she stayed.

Enochian Mercury Senior of water tablet
I found myself on a small barge floating on the ocean; in front of me are the walls of a vastly ruined city.

Preliminary thoughts about Enochian magick
Aspirant should not burden too much about the Enochian history, as he must turn his being to the practical analogies and references to his own practical work.

Practical observation on Enochian Calls
This topic does not deserve much discussion, whenever it is mentioned above Yesod. It does not need much exercise or talent. In order to apply it successfully, it is necessary to set the model on which the core mechanism is based.

Enochian circle
Enochian circle, as specific form of Pentagram, using the Enochian names and Inteligences.

Ruach, and on some particular case of Action
Think that the truth about your Being is nothing else but the authenticity of that same Being.

The glow of Victory
The first principle that I have brought you is that our only task is to realize the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and to awaken the True Nature.

Liber Pyramidos – color scans

Liber Pyramidos – another scan

The Scarlet Woman history

Thelemic Middle Pillar
Take the posture of a dead man. Imagine Yourself in a form of Pylon: sing a “mantra”: “AKA DUA…”

Liber O OO OOO
Observe the sick creations of your mind. Watch your thoughts. Destroy them!

Bouncing the hips
A particular method for destroying the thoughts.

Invocation of the Moon and Mercury
As further in the text, I am conveying to you the notes from my private journals. I believe that an insight into practical goals and achievements, even only as a poetical understanding, worths thousands of sealed Jinnis.

Therion Ritual
Facing Boleskine: draw the Heptagram of the Beast; Enterer: “THERION!”; sign of Silence. Moving with the sun perform the same on other corners.

Preliminary Invocation of BABALON – Liber HEPTAGRAMMATONORUM
Towards East-Boleskine. Raise your hand high above Your head, draw it down to Your top of head: “NUIT!”, sex centre: “HADIT!”; clasp hands at the chest level – heart centre: “RA-HOOR-KHUIT!”

LAM working, part 1
There seems to be a certain type of astral vision that can so much affect the soul as the worst poison. Such visions affect the aspirant long after they are received and the aspirant can find himself acting for years to comply with orders he obtained.

LAM working, part 2
On the surface above the sea, the airy character of LAM stares at me. His head is floating where the center of these circular waves was. I get spasm all over my body. LAM is sucking me inside of his skull.

LAM working, part 3
Interesting things happen when you observe the darkness, in the same way as when we stares in the mirror, the essence is to look with the peripheral view and let everything be covered by a dim cobweb, which is a purely physiological effect. At the same time, the Change in consciousness occurs, which is ideal for astral projection; especially as the three-dimensionality of the blackness arises, then the simple effort of will is quite sufficient to submerge “into it.”

LAM working, part 4
While sitting in asana, I spent some time in gently breathing, relaxing myself. Now I stare at the distance of the blackness behind the eyelids. For some time I have doing so, but later at moments as if I spotted a light flash in the distance, therefore I decided to focus on “it”, and entering into great Change. After a few moments of thrill, I appear in a three-dimensional sphere, like a capsule in a dark silvery color.

LAM working, part 5
All this Vision and Voice was so heavy and inexplicable that I will enter the record that it is shown as a Dragon, as it truly was; only that and nothing-but-that. His Slime and his Scale were this Vision and this Voice. This ray is partly received by automatic writing. Partly through inexplicable knowledge that remains unwritten. But I remembered.

LAM working, part 6 – finale
Behind me stood various shells and planets of the world. In front though, there was nothing. I became aware that I was in a very specific plane, so I gave up from vibrating the names and calling the guide.

The Apostles of Akephalon
This article will deal with LAM an ‘extra-terrestrial’ being and my encounters with “it”.

A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of A∴A∴ – A class

Liber HUT – Hadit Meditation
While inhaling concentrate on the point in Your heart; while exhaling concentrate on a Sphere around Yourself; with every exhalation it is getting larger in geometric progression  – becoming Endless.

LIBER NUT – Nuit Meditation
Visualize the shining circle around the working space, and the shining point in the middle of your heart. Meditate on the image of Nuit as a woman in a blue-gold dress who holds the lotus-wand and an ankh.

Good old days
My old workings with Goetia and Talismans. Magic from the past.

Allan Bennett

My last visit to Boleskine
Last pictures of Boleskine