GNOZEN Institute, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA May 6th – 7th 2023 – Astral projection and Lucid dreaming workshop

Dear people,
It finally arrived! After so much time under covid and online webinars, I will finally hold a live workshop of astral projection and lucid dreaming, organized by the Gnozen Institute. The workshop will be held during the weekend, May 6th – 7th 2023 (with introductionary presentation on Friday May 5th), in the wonderful city of Ljubljana, in SLOVENIA, in the premises of the Gnozen Institute. The founder of the Gnozen Institute, Igor Poje, will participate in this workshop, with presentation on lucid techniques for expanding consciousness.

The price of the workshop is 150 euros, if paid on the spot, which includes the joint dinner after the end of the webinar on Sunday. If an advance payment of EUR 50 is made, by April 20, 2023. the total price is 120 euros.

Registration and all the necessary information about payment can be done via institute’s email at: The institute will respond to your email with the appropriate steps to complete your registration and/or payment.

I look forward to seeing and working together in person.


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