My new, little, publishing project.

This is my little project which I do while I am fighting with my father for his health. I hope I will soon publish some of very nice titles. Thank you so much for all those who sends support. We still keep walking, day after day. I am very grateful to my brothers and friends, Alan Willms and Stefan Nyberg for their assistance and support. This is all just a begining, considering that I am a total amateur in all this.

For those who are here for the first time, I am Dusan Trajkovic, or Frater 273, and Haron-Press is my little self-publishing project. Having started very modestly, publishing my book “Anatomy of the Abyss”, I soon saw a great opportunity for creating and publishing books in the field of spirituality and occultism.

I present to you my humble desire, the modesty which has shaped my life since childhood, and that is the work of publishing all the books that I longed for as a child so much. I want to gather in one place people of the same spirit, those of us who are poisoned by this virus of occultism, spiritual books, instructions and rites, and who are slowly, inevitably worsening this disease that takes over us all, our whole life. All those hours, or better to say – the years of my childhood, which so perfectly shaped my whole life in advance, coloring it in that magnificent shade of the occult – connecting me with the same people, who are all mad about the same thing, in the same way euphorically researched, engaged in the occult, doing everything in their outer life in order to sort it all out with that inner glow, that twinkle in their eyes every time they see a new book or hear that someone in society is doing the same things as us. Like you. Like me.

This is my modest contribution to this work, which I do amateurishly; and I kindly ask you to be gentle for any errors that may be found, and to inform me of every remark and perceived deficiency – I will gladly do my best to correct the errors in the shortest possible time.

You can follow my personal work on my blog, where, among other things, you can find my YouTube channelwith many interesting topics that I recorded during all this time.

I wish you a pleasant visit. 

Truly Yours, Dusan

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