1-month online school of Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, and Scrying

Dear friends, after a lot of people contacted me about my webinars on astral projection and lucid dreaming, I decided to hold one big online school of exploration of inner realms, where I would teach everything that I know about lucid dreaming, astral projection, and scrying techniques. No prior knowledge is required, even – it is desirable. This online school is mostly and exclusively practical with very little theoretical explanation. The work will be done through online live webinars, where we will pass everything about these subjects, and which I mostly teach on my lucid dreaming webinars, but in this way much more detailed and wider. 

This school will be held every SUNDAY, started from October 3rd until October 31st, from 3 PM until 7 PM (UTC+2, please pay attention to this detail on time zone). After 7 PM, the school will be open online for Q&A. During other days, students are to be in daily contact with me regarding the whole subject and to inform me about daily and weekly exercises. That would be 5 SUNDAYS in a row, with total of 20 hours of live working.

The PRICE for the whole school would be 50$ to be paid via PayPal – frater273@gmail.com. The school would be held through a google meet, and the link will be provided to the students after receiving payment confirmation.These are some of the topics we will go through in detail:Introduction and talking about the whole school:

Dream diary
Dream Architecture 
Success strategy
Sleep paralysis
Stepping into the lucid dream reality
Wrong methods – 95% of methods we learned
Obstacles, tips, and tricks
Your first success!
Once in a dream, and then what?
Increasing the quality of a vision and quantity of staying in the dream
Daily nap – a gold mine in lucid dreaming
Importance of the action plan
Time and space in a dream
Flying in a dream
Teleportation or translocation methods
Using a Tarot in lucid dreaming as a gate
Exploring previous and future incarnations
Shadow in a dream – the Watcher at the threshold – fear in sleep paralysis and meeting with a Shadow
Constructing your inner temple in a dream
Invocations and summoning of beings and talking with guides in a dream
Rituals and meditations in a lucid dream
Healing and bodywork inside a lucid dream
The “Wind of Change” phenomenon
Changing physical reality from a lucid dream – using a Sigil from a lucid dream
“Body of Light” method for the awake method of Astral projection
The art of Scrying in the black mirror
Using Tattwas
Elemental beings and intelligences
Traveling in a vision
The art of trance
Sacred tantra in astral projection – meeting with your sacred partner inside an inner reality
Reaching the outside corridors – influencing the real world

All additional questions regarding the school and registration can be sent on my email: dushan.trajkovic@gmail.comLet us have one great magical month!

Best regards, Dusan

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