“Practical course on magick” webinar

Sunday, March 21, 2021 at 5 PM – 7 PM UTC+01

This is a completely practical course of magick. In this webinar, we will look at some of the cornerstones of practical magick and discuss them from a living and pragmatic point of view. We will talk about the appropriate methods of vibration, the use of trance, Chakra and Kundalini working, Pranayama and Asana, Practical and unconventional ways of meditation, how to perform a ritual – tips tricks and suggestions, Liber Resh, the forms of Sign of Horus and Harpocreates, Symbol vs. Sigil, Mantra-yoga, Alchemy of the mind – the formula of dissolution – affecting and changing physical reality, practical Enochian magick, Evocations and Invocations, The Body of Light method for Astral projection.

Webinar is free of charge, DONATIONS are welcome on PayPal: frater273@gmail.com

The link for the webinar: meet.google.com/eah-mrpm-jpg

8 thoughts on ““Practical course on magick” webinar

  1. Would it be possible to access after the event as well for refreshers in case not everything “sticks” the first go-around?


    1. No, the webinar held normally – as it is written in description – from 5pm – 7pm (UTC+1), with more than 35 participants. I don’t know where you got your time information. Tell me from which username you make payment, so I can return you the money.


  2. I converted UTC +1 to the Eastern Standard Time zone online and my time it was 12 midnight. I tried to join the call at about 22 minutes before. Never received a response.

    I can join the next one and that will be my donation.


  3. Very strange, webinar was held with more than 40 people, and lasted 2 hours exactly. Nevertheless, it is not problem at all to return the money, or if you want to attend the next webinar. But please take care about timing because soon UTC+1 will become UTC+2 due to spring time change which is affecting my country. Can you add me on facebook, so we can hear with private message? That is the best way, since I post all webinar information there. My personal account is https://www.facebook.com/dusantrajkovic1979, and you can always write me there. Best regards, Dusan


  4. Thank you for the offer. I’m not on Facebook. I was for about a month and, while I can handle nails on a chalk board just fine, for me that’s what Facebook is like. I’ll just keep the tab open and refresh every day. You don’t need to return the money. I’ll just be donating again.

    Thank you again. Your understanding is much appreciated.


    1. Next webinar will be on Sunday – at 4pm my time (Serbia – Belgrade time which is now UTC+2 because of summer time here). It will be about Scrying.
      This is the link for the webinar, please take care about the correct time this time. It is best to google the Belgrade time zone and to see what is the difference: meet.google.com/tuf-ixva-riv


  5. Hmm. This shows 10AM my time. I’ll be there. Thank you for the heads up. I’m so glad I checked your blog. It wasn’t listed on your Facebook. I just double-checked. Looking forward to it.


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