Announcement for a weekend-long Lucid Dreaming webinar

Dear friends, after a lot of people contacted me about short seminars I did on lucid dreaming, I decided to hold one big Lucid Dreaming weekend, which would cover all the elements that were only superficially touched during my previous webinars, and with which I would actually go through all possible details, tricks and tips about the lucid dreaming. No prior knowledge is required, even – it is desirable. This webinar is mostly and exclusively practical with very little theoretical explanation. My plan is for this webinar to be 2 days in a row, so it’s best to do it for one weekend, between 5 and 7.30 PM UTC+1 on Saturday, and the same time set up on Sunday – so it will be a total of 5 to 6 hours of lectures, which can be a little bit hard, but I believe it will certainly be useful for anyone who would like to practically start exploring this beautiful area.

The DONATION would be 10$ for both days to be paid via PayPal –, or as much as you think is ok with you to pay. I will definitely use that money to improve the further site, as well as to prepare new interesting webinars on the topic such as Enochian magic, Scrying, Evocation and Invocation, Use of Sigil, Magical retreat, Abramelin operation, etc. Certainly, if someone has an issue with money, I will absolutely give access to the webinar without any problem. The most expensive is your attention and trust that many have so far conveyed to their kind letters of support to me and encouragement to continue to deal with all this. All these webinars will be technically quite modest in the beginning, because everything I pay attention to and emphasis on is a live talk and transmission of what I do and I have come to check over the years, in my modest English. I believe 10$ is quite a fair price for a 6 hours over two days, but I will definitely share the link with anyone who wants to follow the seminar, regardless of the current inability to pay.

My idea is that it will be Saturday and Sunday, February 27th and 28th, from 5 pm to 7.30 pm, according to the time of my city of Belgrade in Serbia, which is UTC+1 time zone. The webinar would be held through a google meet, and the link will be provided timely.

These will be the topics we will go through in detail during these two days:

1st day – Saturday (approx. 3h of presentation):
1. Sleeping Self – introduction and talking about the whole webinar
2. Dream diary
3. Dream Architecture
4. Success strategy
5. Sleep paralysis
6. Stepping into the lucid dream reality
7. Wrong methods – 95% of methods we learned
8. Obstacles, tips, and tricks
9. Your first success!
10. Once in a dream, and then what?
11. Increasing the quality of a vision and quantity of staying in the dream
12. Re-entering
13. Daily nap – a gold mine in lucid dreaming
14. Importance of the action plan
15. Time and space in a dream
16. Flying in a dream
17. Teleportation or translocation methods
18. Time-traveling
19. Using a Tarot in lucid dreaming as a gate
20. Exploring previous and future incarnations

2nd day – Sunday (approx. 3h of presentation):
21. Shadow in a dream – the Watcher at the threshold – fear in sleep paralysis and meeting with a Shadow
22. Constructing your personal temple in a dream
23. Invocations and summoning of beings and talking with guides in a dream
24. Rituals and meditations in a lucid dream
25. Healing and bodywork inside a lucid dream
26. The “Wind of Change” phenomenon
27. Changing physical reality from a lucid dream – using a Sigil from a lucid dream
28. “Body of Light” method for awake method of Astral projection
29. Questions and answers
30. Closing words

You can sign in via this link Also, since much people responded positively about, there will be much more webinar in the future.

I am looking for your feedback. Let us have one great magical weekend! Dusan

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