Short notice about the Vampire

David Chaim Smith

We cannot but conclude that the Vampire is quite possibly an illusion, and we can dare to say that this illusion is equal to the illusion of the Four Great Princes of evil – both are clues that always lead to the same perpetrator – the Angel. It can even be said that both phenomena are echoes of the same Conversation, just as the ultimate attainment constructs the Ego now, unconsciously attempting to convey the phenomenon of the Knowledge and Conversation, long before it can even grasp this concept. Therefore, the Vampire is nothing but the cry of a soul desperate to find a worthy rival. This is certainly something like wrestling between Jacob and the Angel, while cunningly saying to himself “How great I am to wrestle with an angel,” at the same time being afraid and refusing to wrestle with any material opponent. It is a deception of the most insidious kind, swerving at times, but if well placed, it serves as the most powerful ballista.

We really cannot or should not try to understand the nature of the Vampire, nor should we make up any hideous sayings before we understand the true nature of sex. We would instead be chained with garlic exploring catacombs of fear than being naked in front of a beloved creature. It is this paradox of shame that is an equal manifestation of the Will – if only we could set the correct model of thought, so devilishly cunning – we do not need a victory in a battle but a triumph in war. If we really knew that every situation of shame and every fear is an equally valuable clue that always leads to the True Will, all of our teachings would completely lose its purpose. The Universe does not understand, nor is it intended for such a single operation, that winning a battle it might lose the war, and that the Aspirant will sooner or later find himself in the City of the Pyramids. As he falls, he will dare to rise. In just one leap, in the wake of the terrible storm of his fate, he shall leap over what seems to be impossible to do. How possible it is for children to jump over their own shadow and how interesting it is for parents to watch, once they have arranged the biggest pile of ice cream if children have mastered that sacred task, so much will the Aspirant be struck by a force that he has not been aware of until now – what is an endless shadow for the children’s mind, that is the Vampire for the Neophyte.

Frater 273

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