More on magical link

David Chaim Smith

There are two ways to work with the magical link. The first is where you create the magical link. The second, in which you become aware of the magic link in places where it did not exist, in the first place. One is a matter of mind, another is a question of consciousness. But as both things inevitably point to the mind, this is how a magical link can define exactly that place. The mind. What is connected is connected with the mind, just in the way of thinking about it. Thinking alone is a link of the highest kind. Just because you’re alive, you’re connected to one of two things: Angel and Abyss. You are the supreme example of a magical link toward your Angel, with whom you are always the one and the same thing. The only way to truly act on one thing is to rule out the existence of any other. The magical link is a distorted image of the Buddha, all things are connected because in itself it is always the same thing. There are no things, there is only a thing. No minds, only a mind. No experiences, only one experience. There is no infinity of things, there is only one infiniteness. There is just one limitless. All that is learned and transmitted is only one same Knowledge and Conversation.

Frater 273∴

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