The Dawn of the Æon

David Chaim Smith

All the troubles in our art come from the fact that we are not able to understand the simple thing – that every knowledge and every conversation is the Knowledge and Conversation with the A
A. Think about how much forms it has, how many pieces of knowledge? How much AA? Your entire life is just one of the ways of performing one and the same dialogue between you and your God; no, it is precisely that between.

One of the highest projections of True Nature is that it can be realized at all. You can walk this path or not; it is a matter of your own choice. It is not even a matter of thinking “is this my True Will“? Because, although everyone knows that “Do What Thou Will” does not mean “Do What You Want,” few are capable of Doing what they Want, and even fewer can Do what is their True Will. Therefore, do as it suits you. True Nature has no compromise, and yes, it is an epithet of the elite. Do not ask me why this is so; the whole thing resides in your personal choice. This life consists of only two extremes – the necessity (around you) and the choice (inside you). Be free in every choice, especially in the wrong one. Mistake freely and progress freely.

The AAis certainly not, neither will ever be a Thelemic order, but a pan-æonic, all-pervading, omnipresent. Like cosmic void, in which there is neither morning nor dusk, its spreading is not framed by the loom of time nor space. Moreover, its movement is always as its nature is everywhere. The Dawn of the New Æon will never experience its afternoon as long as we proclaim it as New. Far too much time has passed since the writing of the Book of the Law, all its words and verses are far too familiar, how many of us are really aware of what our True Will is? How many of us are aware of our own paths, how many have come to their final destinations? How many questions without answers? And most importantly, how happy are we? It is this question, simple and so shy that we never even ask ourselves. How happy are we? And after all, how much do we want to be?

Here, everything is needless; there is no polite behavior, gentle manners, an exalted Superior who will say “everything is fine,” there are no twisted words, secret signs, passwords and instructions that would convey the truth about something so simple, so obvious as the truth about yourself. And when all around you has lost its meaning, when you reach a wall that you think you cannot pass, when temptation pushes you into the deepest abyss of the soul, you will be delighted. Because the face of an Angel is the easiest to find in Hell.

Therefore, do not take yourself personally. In the night of Pan.

Frater 273∴

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