A comfortable temptation


There are only two essential methods within the magical work, and all practices in all worlds can be categorized under one of these two diametric approaches. The first one is “invoke often,” while the other would be “inflame yourself with prayer.” While this other is more closely related to an Adept and Bhakti, the first one refers to the Probationer. “Invoke often” is a motto that excludes quality at first glance; therefore, it is suitable for work which requires a gradual boiling of the entire operation, such as an alchemical act for example, in which quantity of consumed time invested in operation changes the quality of the substances. The Probationer “invokes often”, without glow, without desire, without passion for the result. His only passion is the Great Work itself, which is so far from him and in which he does not possess any Knowledge. Because craving and desire provoke obsession, the one that so violently destroys the Neophyte, which we will discuss later on more.

Therefore, the Probationer performs one practice, regardless which one, irrelevant how, irrelevant why. What is important is only when and how often. It is precisely in this absurd quantitative advancement that lies the key of imperceptible dissolution of his nature, in a way that it refuses to recognize that his immune system is attacked and that it is impossible to produce antibodies. The daily performance of his practice is a disease in the same way as the counting of days of his Probation, it is disgusting ulcer which spreads through the organism, it is a progression of the disease which cannot be observed. Our internal being says that everything is fine, that everything is only apparent and transient, until the moment our cross conceives the rose. In this holy work, statics cause dynamics, pressure causes an explosion. Pleasant Probation does not exist; in this case, it would show either that something is terribly wrong or that it is a case of the remarkably advanced Aspirant. Comfortable Probation does not bring anything worthy, and after a few months, if all goes well, the first signs of change can be identified.

Frater 273∴


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