Hide and Seek


Although a lot is already known about the methodology of work, there is little original and clearly stated about the ways of performance. At the very beginning, the Probationer is encouraged to scrabble all that blurred area which he knows as Curriculum or program of his Grade, as he will be thrown into the fire; in every way, in all aspects, as much as the Superior feels it is possible. This fire is by no means an aggressive, militant creation, the one that feeds by the Probationer’s fear and weaknesses. This fire must be purifying, for it is a warm morning breeze that softly announces burning, afternoon sun-god. It does not serve for hardening the weapon but just for slightly boiling the fate, that fate which will yet have its chance to rise or to annihilate. For the Probationer indeed can do everything, it is just a question of how much of everything he can handle.

At this point, Superior’s task is to sting and provoke, as Probationer’s is to persist. Everything should be a provocation for the Superior; for the Probationer, everything must be a game. In this way unified, these two segments make a winning combination, only in this way program goes without the tremendous and unnecessary sacrifice from the Probationer. We have already said that the Probationer has only one true goal, and that is to go his own way. Which does not mean he will get anywhere. It is the emphasis on his, and not on the way, therefore, the authenticity of choice is on a higher level than the choice itself.

It is indeed a divine play, like when man actively strives for the knowledge of Adonai; at the same time, he must be calm and passive in order to sense Adonai’s presence. The Adept presented the approach to work through the form of Hexagram. The Holy Hexagram is blue erect; it is the only accurate method of an Adept. Every ritual or meditation is a form of passive expectation for loved Adonai, with attention and joy, like a child playing hide and seek and now waiting to be revealed. And the more it waits, the more joyous and ecstatically it will be. In the same time, a joy to be hidden and a Will to be revealed – that is the whole point of Abramelin’s work.

Frater 273∴

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