The Circulation Of Shadows


za genijaIf the Aspirant looks closer at the Tree of Life, he will notice that Binah’s influence is quite far away; so far beyond the Abyss, behind the golden Tiphareth, that he may think that the action of Binah can be compared to the influence of a distant star upon an ocean’s tide. However, this influence is more direct and insidious projected through the 32nd Path of “Universe”, the first path to which the Neophyte enters, and it is assigned by two attributes. Namely, each Path on the Tree of Life receives the influence of the archetype which manifests through the specific sphere. Our Ego then classifies and infuses this influence as elementary, planetary or zodiacal in nature, at the same time using the action of classification as an excuse to plant the seed of control. Only the 32nd path of “Universe,” along with the 31st path of “Æon”, has a double attribution, that is, two ideas simultaneously expressing through one archetype – which is otherwise the feature of all other Paths on the Tree of Life. Precisely this path, besides the element of the earth, has the attribute of Saturn, through which Binah strikes at the Probationer, so powerfully and lowly.

The Probationer has and will always have one single task in all circumstances – to persist. But in what should he be persisting? There is plenty of discussions about the Probationer’s Grade; it would be frivolous to call one claim more or less correct than the other, but everyone agrees that the Probationer begins with his daily practice and carefully keeps a diary about it. We will return to this especially afterward because the topic is of such great importance for our work. What is the essence of the Probationer’s Grade? Some achievement that is expected of him? Some kind of quest he has to do? No. Only time is needed, and in this form, Binah appears and opposes him, therefore, that temptation is sufficient enough for him to pass further. His perseverance on the path merely delays encounter with Binah’s projections, later to be awoken again and known as the temptation of a Neophyte, which could be terrible and black as hell.

But, the conslusion of one Probation is like screening the sun after a stormy demonic night. It is a day worth living, and there are no words to show the Aspirant the true meaning of that joy and excitement when he passes further. Although this third, and the last period of the Probationer is, in the same place, the rising of the Neophyte, yet one more act is missing. One qualitative leap that will detach him from his whole Probation. He needs his passage through the Ritual of the Pyramid. This jump of faith into something utterly different from everything that he has done so far, the Probationer will project within himself in millions of different ways, in so many ways that it is a too an extensive topic for this book. What is expected is that he awakes on the other side of the ritual; to wake up the next day, knowing that he passed the ritual through the fact that he did it, not that he did it because he passed through it. For everything that he had to pass, he passed long before Liber Pyramidos, and that is the whole meaning of Probation. All past and future times, all of them are before his Pyramid, for only eternal now is left inside.

Frater 273∴

One thought on “The Circulation Of Shadows

  1. V.V.V.V.V.

    By the Power of Truth, I, while living, have Conquered the Universe.“

    ~ A.C. ~

    Speaking of ‚The Universe‘ (better: ‚THY UNIVERSE‘) it has been Men‘s dream ever since its brute haseth been created and/or evolved, to understand thyself in relation to the makrocosmic „Universe“, the ‚ALL‘, the Great TAO* (even if it doesn‘t actually exist while existing). Either way, men and women have come to existence in some way and/or another as a practical joke of the Creative &&& Conscious Cosmos , or at least such a part within the (divine) Sephirath Of ‚KETHER‘ etc. Speaking of which as an (ultimate) aspect/principle/mechanism if the (holy) ‚TREE OF LIFE‘. Latter haseth been „given“ (better: „revealed“) to mankind not only since ancient (Egyptian~Hebrew) Times by Divine entities and/or by men himself to thyself as an universal cosmic tool of exploration. It is itself, so do I (‚Frater IAKOBUS 333’) suggest hereby, it is in (and outside of) itself a rather TIMELESS cosmic phenomenon/ divine tool that exists not only in and outside All Human Realms, but also as a pure cosmic code, like a natural law in ‚Physics‘, that governs (all) CONSCIOUS forms and (all) contents within by divine and timelessly existing means of (endless) symbolism(s). The (Jewish and/or Hermetic) ‚Qabala‘ (‚Kabbalah‘) teacheseth us (total) awareness of the (infinite ) possibilities and outcomes of our (conscious) Life’s ‚experiments‘ / explorations/ encounters in relation to the finite AND infinite UNIVERSE, ultimately ‚resulting‘ in a (harmonically Divine) state of:


    So sayeth the ‚Great (B)EAST‘ 333 ∴ ∴ ∴
    to thEEE, dear Frater 273,
    and ‚Me‘, As (A)iWAS(s):
    ~ A.C. ~ J.M.B ~ D.G.B. ~
    ~ and /or ~
    ~ ‎מֶלֶך ~ בָּבֶל ~


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