Short notice about Oaths

oath big

The wisdom of Oaths consists of Changing the consciousness. That is all, really. However, it is not a waste to mention the process that develops at that time in the soul of the Aspirant. An Oath by itself is a true Initiation; as you pronounce it, Change occurs inside your Being. It seems that it is contained in a mixture of seriousness, enthusiasm, and fear. But bear in mind that the Oath is only successful when there is awareness of its true meaning. You have to know what you could lose, as opposed to what you would get. The seriousness, enthusiasm, and fear we have mentioned are reflections of Chesed, Tiphareth, and Geburah in this world (and as such, they serve all the Achievements within the G∴D∴. But even Dominus Liminis is leaving this claim.) But the real magician looks at it differently in every way – every Oath is a passage through the Duat, and the core of this Knowledge lies in the fact of the magician’s undeniable passage further. The Oath is fulfilled with the awareness of the task. By its acceptance, you have already passed on. So do not ask me if you have fulfilled the Oath, but were you aware of its meaning. And here we come to the projections of the higher spheres – for the magician has only Time and Will left to wait to pass IT. (Time and Will as Projections of Binah and Chokmah.) 

Frater 273∴

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