About the Oaths and certain aspects of the Being


There is something about this place, but I cannot say with certainty that it is a task. I would rather say it is the term of inertia, but leave this second aside until the first one is realized.

You can consider your Oaths so far, within which a specific type of Method is covered; In fact, this is all Ruach’s nature in its most complete state. Focus your attention on the following:

Add this to the following attributes:

netzak golden dawn

Whether you’re following with attention the development of the Change from Malkuth to the Netzach, you may be able to notice a few ideas on which the model is based. The first idea is simply the Tetragrammaton formula; namely, I did not add Dominus Liminis who owns Lamp, for this is the plane of the Spirit, which corresponds to the Pentagramaton formula. This is not really a Grade by itself, it is already defined in relation to the whole and comprehensiveness of all the experiences you have acquired and balanced once as Neophyte, and now as the Philosophus. It is the sum of everything acquired and integrated within your Being; this is actually the “what” of what you will Talk with those who reside in the Hall of Highest Consciousness. Think that the letter Shin is of Fire as much as the Spirit, Dominus Liminis is congested with the sphere of Netzcah as its natural extension.

The second principle, this is the idea of the Being according to which the whole Flow is directed. This is really a condition of all conditions, because every man and every woman is a Star.

Thirdly, each degree involves within itself a specific task of controlling various aspects of Being; while Being will live in Tiphareth – as a Star with an awakened and awe-inspiring Will, control is seen in nothing other than Balance; I suggest that you do not take control as an action, but rather as the assimilation of the Spirit in relation to the four elements. Think of the four powers of the Sphinx; many develop power by forgetting on the Sphinx’s back, thinking of her face. Also, are not those powers given to be developed, you already have them because you have the element of the Spirit in your life; In fact, I could say that you are the Spirit, the elements are aspects of your own expression and the method of your manifestation in Plain.

Balance is the mirror of Consciousness, therefore, the aspects of your Being are recreated. The light that reveals them is Balance.

I can say that you have almost reached the essence I convey to you, the Balance of Controversies is one of the foundations of this sphere. Take note that you have now entered the first horizontal path that connects Hod and Netzach. These two consciences define their relationship over the “Tower” path, which is represented by Mars. This map is one of the failed methods of Balancing through action. But, on the other hand, this map contains many mysteries that you will understand by your balanced Work, when it comes time and when you truly decide on it. The bad method decree is a “good” card, think about it.

Also, to consider the meaning of  “reverence, duty, sympathy and devotion to the Order” contained in your Oaths, I offer you one of the solutions that I consider to be right, but you certainly determine in accordance with your own needs.


On the eve of the progress of the aspirant’s enthusiasm towards full respect of loyalty, perceived it as an ascent from the Grade of Neophyte to Philosophus. Keep in mind always the fifth element inside this hidden, like the baby in the egg. This is nothing more than an A∴A∴, as represented by the birth of an Adept 5=6, with its Knowledge and Conversation.

Now I can tell you that the Balance of Opposites is nothing but pure Love. That is the nature of the sphere in which you are currently residing, so I will tell you a little more about it. My Method that I came to achieve is that I defined the sphere of Netzach in relation to the sphere of Hod. One is a Wand, another Cup; I am free to say that there is no action that can’t be described as a form of merging these two. This is the act of Love under Will and if we want to set the model of reality, we must define the minimum of its structure that is fertile enough to be able to Act and perform Change itself. Love is not important here, but the One who we Love.

Let your Understanding for Love now fully manifest. Also, the Sephiroth are not only distant from the paths, but also to the Plane of existence. Thinking about all these topics freely and in your own way, it can be that your Genius is always ahead of my advice, so listen to him more than me less, but do not forget to make the decision on purpose; Balance your Thoughts and Intuition when building the models of Reality. I want to tell you a little more about the idea of Balance, before I continue.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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