The Art of Assumption

bogoformaAs I told you already, the great lesson of this Sphere is the Knowledge to assume shapes. That skill is known as the Art of Assumption. You will see that it has nothing to do with possession. On the contrary, the condition of success here is the strong and focused awareness, and it is counterproductive for an experiment like possession. Let us discuss this, and you can ask me how to assume a form, and still maintain the basic quality of your awareness which enters a new form of existence? For now, I can tell you only that “similar spirit occupies similar body”. Slowly, we are approaching the main topic, and you will se that the whole of our Art is based on it. If you do not understand it fully, you are nothing but a miserable spiritist of the worst kind, and it is just a matter of time when your magical virtues will vanish, taken away by the plague of your own inverted thinking. Magical link – what a fancy term. It evokes mental pictures of heavy, steel chains that the magician uses to bind the beings around him to obey his perverted Nature. My dear brother, the essence of it all is so simple, yet there is needed so much practice to understand and apply this in your own Magick.

Magical link is a minimal condition for transfer of Force, simply speaking. The simplicity of this definition does not diminish its truthfulness. But, the sublimity of our Art is in a broadly changeable factor which is inherent in this definition, which can be freely modified, and that is the quantity of that minimal condition. In fact, the only definite boundary is inside your mind. I will be pragmatic: if I want to let the Force flow through your Body, I must ensure that your Body comes into contact with that Force. However, if you happen to be in contact with another body at the same instant, the Force will manifest through that body too. Here applies an important principle, and that is a body can be in domain of full abstraction as long as it exists. Similar invokes the similar. Remember this principle. The essence of this message is in horrifying discovery that the whole system of Magick and our comprehension of Reality is an agreed model of information, or network of models, where your current position is determined by rules existent inside the area in which you Act, those rules are not universally applicable to the whole of network. In fact, even an individual network does not exist; the rules and principles are illusions of individual projections. If you want to curse a foreigner, you have to do that indirectly. A via through which you do that is the Magical link, and depending on how harmonized it is with the situation, your Magick will be more successful. In this case, your subservient elemental is an interpreter. Look for a moment at the role of the interpreter, and you can see it is twofold. One line of force connects him with you, and the other line with the foreigner. He is neither here nor there, or better to say “both here and there”. Remember this concept – good Magick, as every masterpiece, asks for a good sketch beforehand. In fact, whole of our Art mostly consists in finding a right Interpreter. After some time, which we call experience, the need for interpreter lessens, simply because you start to understand the language yourself, and therefore you become your own ideal intercessor for your Great Work. And language used by our Art is universal. Once you learn its rules, they will apply forever and for everybody, under condition that you grasped the essence through your thinking, of course.

The concept of intercessor or interpreter asks for your full attention, and it is not waste of time to meditate as much as you can on it, to grasp the full significance of this concept in our Royal Art. I will tell you a few more things, as the guidelines for your Jnana Yoga, and let thinking of them bring you to Change.

You will notice that almost every mistake in our Art is based on the wrong assumption about the location of Force, or that too often the Force is assumed to be inside instead of outside, or vice versa. I was making mistakes myself, mixing planetary and elemental influences. Our Ruach, for some reasons inherent in its nature, can misplace these roles so effectively that it is noticed too late, and then instead of Change there manifests Failure. In fact, it is very hard to say if it is mixing of concepts or something else, so I will be free to say that no Action can be manifested unless the Forces inside are employed as much as Forces outside, in precise relations to each other which are specified by your Act. Problem occurs not when the Forces are mixed up or forgotten, but when there is Imbalance in relations between its parts. This important, and I advise you to ponder this for long. Too much emphasis on one aspect of Force will result in Failure, and that not because there is no other aspect, but because it was simply forgotten. In other words, the Intercessor betrayed his own principle of “both here and there”, because he was too much either here, or there. There was no Magical link, so the Failure was certain from the very beginning of Work. You will see that in our Action there is no such thing as Deficiency, but only Imbalance.

Never spare neither effort nor time to select the right Mediator. Once you gain Knowledge on the use of Magical Links, only then you will make opportunities for the expression of True Magick. At the very least, you are the greatest and most valuable of all magical links, your own consciousness is the finest and most adaptable link of all, but it will take you long to understand the real importance of this.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Assumption

  1. Care Frater
    Thanks for a very elucidating post .

    Are you aware of the fiction books called the ‘Bartimeus Trilogy’. In there the concept of the Intercessor is worked out in full in a very interesting and entertaining read (at least for me :-).

    93, 93/93
    Fr. AD156


    1. Care Frater,
      Thank you for your words. No, unfortunally I didnt familiar with that source, but surely will check out as soon as I can!

      Take care and best to you.



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