Grand Neophyte Greeting

aa mala


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A∴A∴ is presently admitting Students and Probationers. All who are interested should apply to The Grand Neophyte who is assigned for contacts with the Outer. Anyone who is interested in joining A∴A∴ should submit a letter of inquiry supplied with a short biography (with attached photograph). A∴A∴ refuses none. It is allowed to all to be interested and to be tested for our Great Order.

Upon receiving a formal note of interest the Grand Neophyte of A∴A∴ will forward to inquirer an e-file with complete official documents, so that no confusion and misunderstanding should be of what is demanded of the members of the Order. Those files are: Liber LXI vel Causæ, Liber Collegii Sancti, Liber XIII vel Graduum Montis Abiegni, An Account of AA∴, and One Star in Sight.

Anyone who is interested should pass a period of three months as a Student of the Order. During this period it is necessary to study (as much as is possible in such a short time) the Holly books of all greater religions, and a literature about different systems of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Upon ending of this period one should submit a written essay (about ten pages long) with expressed opinions and stands about what was studied.

If a student is further interested to continue s/he will be admitted as a Probationer of the Order, for a period of one year. Probationer’s program is precisely defined in official documents, but for clarification, we now mention that everyday performance of chosen spiritual practice is demanded, and everyday writing of magickal diary entries, understanding and applying of what is derived from the Oath of Probationer, and other elements of the program for that probationary grade. Before the conclusion of one-year Probation, the Test will be submitted and it should be answered and completed as it is demanded.

The Grand Neophyte of A∴A∴ would not make any decisions on his own, but he shall act as one who is easing and enlightening the principles and ideas of the Order to Students and Probationers.

The Probation is double and two-sided – aspirant is exploring the system of the Order (as given in official documents) that which is s/he seeks spiritually as a Path of self-realization, and the Order is testing is the aspirant capable enough and worthy to continue and go on through the system as it is given by A∴A∴.

The Grand Neophyte will be the Superior in the Order to all aspirants, Students and Probationers who get in contact with the Order by this proposed way. For all other information and instructions, one should contact the Grand Neophyte of A∴A∴ on the contact via this website.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater 161∴

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