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So many aspirants define this sphere as the sanctuary of the Force, this is ultimately a cowardly conception that implies the identification of power through morality. The anthropomorphism of the essence of the Universe at this place, so far from the base, is not taken into account and it would be easy to conclude that you have not learned anything from the very beginning. Now let us talk a little wider on Qabalah, this place is more than awful if remotely placed askew model of thinking. As you noted in the last lesson, the Tree of Life model at the micro-level is based on contradictions, but at a wider level there is a balance. The pillar of the Tree on which this model is made is female; our Sphere is at the center of a structure surrounded by Binah – Mother and Netzach – Cup; therefore, Water is everywhere around us. On the one hand, they are secrets of Kteis, on the other hand, they are waves of the Great Ocean. Try with your Mind to assume which is the Vehemence that resists such a strong and dominant Nature of Women – this is our God Phallos; Mars as a planet is a higher form of Sagittarius that gives life and it is assigned to this sphere. Here you have to face one of the legacies of old times; although this place is based on the Wrath of the Will, you must not neglect the pure form of your Phallus – and you can see it on the opposite side through the stream of Paroketh – this is your only Wand – in the Walk.

I have met dozens of magicians who perfectly know how to repeat the terrible judgments of RaHoor in the condemnation of Osiris nonsense, who are least aware of their own dick. Experience good what appalling feeling in your Essence presented reading this word – a dick – and instead of having your Essence swept through the source of Vehemence, there was anxiety in you. In other words, you felt a shame. It is one of the great talents of this sphere, to replace shame for a strong enthusiasm because when you see the great Whore, your Manifestation must be with raised Phallus, not with bowed head. You have to learn to use all methods equally, better to say, using them equally impartially. This includes your own sexuality.

Accordingly – The Ferocity is the nature of this sphere, not Force. The Power is created within the Path, and this is the strength of the knowledge of each Path that is before you and the Path to which it passes. Without Force there is no progress on the path, but it cannot be settled in any Sephira. Force is nothing more than the result of the Change that is expressed when you think of the Great Work in front of you. It is a side effect of Change within your own Consciousness when you decide to advance Forward. But Vehemence – it is already the subjective and living manifestation of the Force. Then when you experience the Force Now and Here, you can exhibit the Vehemence. Only life can manifest such talent, that’s why it is settled above Tiphareth. Your Power is not Vehemence, for now, it is an enthusiastic movement and it’s just one of the Methods that your Being is serving that is blinded by the true nature of the Truth that resides in Tiphareth. But every thought that resides in the Adept’s mind is the Vehemence, and elemental shells break down before it, and in general, any fortress that does not possess the fifth element within itself. Therefore, manipulation is one of the talents of Adepts that are manifested in the Outer world. Many politicians and diplomats use this, and I do not condemn this in any way. Hardness cannot be abused, before it you can only fall – when power and Will are running out in front of something that is Stronger, good reasons are worth every penny. After all, this is a place so far away from the Morale and Ethics that have remained below, that it is quite normal for you to characterize the Outlook as a manipulator, now that you no longer possess a character.

You will meet many people who are hiding in front of Vehemence, in the same way that you hid in front of a dick – only a few lines before. One of the projections of True Nature is that it actually doing. You can go in line with your Nature or not, this thing is completely left to you for choice. It is not even a matter of abstraction and philosophy “Is this my Real, True Will?” Because, although everyone knows that “Do What Thou Wilt” does not mean “Do What You Want“, few people are able to do what they Want, and even fewer what their true Will is. Therefore, do as it suits you. True nature has no compromise, and yes, it is the attribute of an elite. Do not ask me why this is so, the whole thing is set in your personal choice. Our lives are set up between only two extremes – Necessity and Choice.

Also, one of the projections that manifests from this place, down here in the Kingdom, is what is termed Tiphareth Frighteningness over Geburah. Here, in turn, there is no choice, because the choice has led us here. Will will manifest without compromise. It must – the basic devise of this place is how it is viewed from underneath. However, what does this have to do with this Sphere? She is there to stay Now and Here, and not to talk about her fairy tales from a distance.

Think about that the Vehemence is the Achievement that Force Trail brings you. The Lord of some of us is a Hawk, not an Eagle. Also – think about the Paths that intertwine in this place. Thoughts of Hanged Man – leads to MIM. His head is not really up, but down in the Sun. His morale and his ethics are “inverted” and can be fierce fascism and dictatorship of the highest rank – because his head is turned down and he does not think about it. But you think of it, about all this.

If you do not have an awakened awareness of your True Nature, this is by no means the reason why you do not do the very thing you want. Infinity is quite small; it is, however, only one, finite things are infinitely many. At least this will be at least one inch closer to the infinite Truth consciously making one of the finiteness.


Frater Aureus 273∴

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