Astral vision – trigram Zhen, watery aspect


Friday, July 26th 2002

I vibrate the names and enter. I appear in one transparent soap-bubble. The whole landscape around me is typically astral, whole this universe is in very bright orange-pink colour, like in the colour of the sunset. I notice bubbles everywhere and in every bubble standing one magician; I have some strange feeling that I am just like One-of-Them, whatever that means.

We all fly up to the Sun and as we reach a certain height, so our bubble bursts and we fall down, into the sea. Just above the surface, new bubbles are created in which we fall, and we all fly again, heading towards the Sun. This is repeated infinitely. I understand the magician’s aspiration to reach the Sun, but there is a bound that cannot be crossed by a single method. I invoke the guide of this sphere with the name RAAGIOSEL; now one bird appears on the shore, and now I see a huge owl coming to me. She catches me with her claws from the top, piercing the bubble. A strange whistling voice tells me her name, which is like EDA. She wears me spirally, up to the height, making Increasingly upward paths. She tells me that this bubble has prevented me from reaching the Sun, although it allowed me to fly. She also tells me that I can fly anyway, without that soap-bubble. In a spiral gesture counterclockwise, she rises me more and more. The solar disk is getting bigger and I finally plunge into the Sun, into the pure LVX. With gratitude to EDA I put this vision to an end.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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