LIBER KHUT – Ra-Hoor-Khuit Meditation


frater Alion



0. – (Meditate – Asana & Pranayama) Invoke the Elements on four sides into the Temple, below is the darkness, above is Light. Elements might be visualised as Tattvas.

1. – Unite thyself with every element in turn (passing through the Tattvas into the elemental spheres).

2. – Infuse them in Yourself.

3. – “Feel” the Darkness (you are united with it).

4. – “Feel” the Light (you are united with it).

5. – Imagine / Visualise Tattvas (or another appropriate elemental symbol) before You, in turn: Earth – Water – Fire – Air – Spirit: Pass through the elements becoming more and more subtle.

6. – Imagine Yourself as a Hawk, that flies freely into the Aethyr (take the hawk-form).

7. – Imagine, outwards and inwards, You destroy all the old prophets and religions. Jesus, Muhammad, Hindus, Buddhists, Mongols, Din – all old faiths are perishing into Fire. Everything is in Flames.

8. – You see the Vision of The Tower (ATU XVI).

9. – After the annihilation, there is a time of Silence.

10. – Appears the Vision of the Aeon (ATU XXI).

11. – You are walking now through the hot sands and approach the Temple (imagine it as you feel right, or it will appear as it is for real).

12. – Enter the Temple (Temple has a four Gates – Ra, Ahathoor, Tum & Kephra). Go to the Center of Temple, You see the four stations of the Sun – feel it, sense its force – You are becoming a Star in the Center.

13. – Feel flying Upwards (Temple remains, or is destroyed. Chose ye well).

14. – Fly Upwards: Silver – Whole Universe is made of silver, You are united with it, you are silver.

15. – Fly Upwards: Gold …

16. – Fly Upwards: Stones of precious water …

17. – Fly Upwards: Sparks of innermost fire …

18. – Ra-Hoor-Khuit appears in his Flames. Sing “Aka dua…” thus merging the 30 fiery Aethyrs into One. Take the Godform of RHK. You are united with Him.

19. The Universe is in Fire, annihilated by Flames totally.

20. – Flames perish into Nothing.

21. – “Nothing”.

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