Preliminary thoughts about Enochian magick

hufibgevDuring my personal practice, to this day I still did not find the answer to how the large or deep actually Enochian world is. Probably most of the aspirants by now establish facts about “objectivity” of the holy books. Liber AL is astonishing to think about and a good example of foreign, unearthly influence in the creation of a system. Perhaps it is. Enochian magick in all of its complexity, every day uncovers to me new ways and logic in which Enochian tablets and language were based on.

An aspirant should not burden too much about the Enochian history, as he must turn his being to the practical analogies and references to his own practical work. The most usual understanding of the Enochian system is divided into two regions. The first part is called the Watchtowers of the Universe, while the second is known as the Mysteries of the Æthyrs. On the one hand, we have the elemental world; on the other hand, we have the outer worlds of the Æthyrs. Each Æthyr, 30 in total, have three Governors, except the last Æthyr TEX (which is closest to us), which has four – what makes 91 in total.

In this way, Æthyrs can fill in all positions on the Tree of Life, from Kether to Malkuth. If magician’s growth is conditioned by climbing upon the Tree of Life, it was represented in the same way by each subsequent invocation of an Æthyr. The fascinating thing is that Enochian intelligences are fully “informed” about the works of Qabalah, and Eastern and Western practices and Alchemy, and you will have a chance to experience that. Perhaps from the fact that they dwell from the same region of the human mind. For example, if you do not know or know little, about alchemy, Enochiana can assist you to uncover the missing knowledge. The Enochian system is like the board of directors in your Holy Guardian Angel’s company, which determines your monthly plan of advancement in His company, your responsibilities, and your duties, but also the grade of your salary. In some ways, it may seem that the Enochian world is broader than the Tree of Life because the glyph of the Tree of Life was drawn by men of flesh and blood. Enochian keys are somehow independent of it. As the Tree of Life has its central part, Enochian also has its core. Enochian essence, from which everything emanates, in the same way as Tetragrammaton in Qabalah, is a specific system of letters and a language, which in certain combinations cause the Change. Also, it has a specific hierarchy, not only for existent beings but also for the awareness in which magician assumes entire operation, bringing his illumination.

Watchtowers of the Universe are related to elemental works and to IHVH formula, while working with Æthyrs is sublime and quite inexplicable until you experience it.

What is important to understand is that every letter and every name, once called after a certain combination of keys, make a certain change in reality. It opens a whole new world. Now, imagine the microscopic look into only one of the Enochian letters. There we can observe a completely new page, with much more letters, like an anthill, which consists of elemental aspects that follow the formula of Tetragrammaton. The experience of reading certain keys, and the nature of the visions, is similar both for novice and an experienced aspirant. There is a total of 19 keys. The first 18 are related to the elemental aspects and are used to explore the Watchtowers of the Universe. 4 elements with sub-elements, plus the element of the Spirit, active and passive, make the total number of 18. What you need to know is the proper sequence of reading the keys.



An Enochian system is self-regulative, so you will receive no more and no less than what you exactly need and already deserve by yourself. And when you reach the point when you could misapprehend experience, simply nothing will happen and Enochian magick will somehow disappear. When this happens, you will know you’ve come to a barrier that you have to overcome through your own internal growth. There is no dispute if you can use the first, second or third key with success, but it is important how far you can go with Æthyrs.

What is very important to note is the way of evocation of certain intelligence. It is essential to find a motive for behavior. Let us assume that you have a problem to find a job. Enochian intelligences can be very useful for this. Could anyone answer what element and sub-element would be most appropriate for this kind of operation?

Answer: Water of Earth.

In this case, you will use keys in the following sequence: the fifth key, and then the fourteenth key. You should find the intelligence appropriate for this action from this board. The fifth key is related to Earth table and element, and then pronounce the fourteenth key which is related to Water sub-element of Earth. As for the language, when you read the keys you don’t need to vibrate them. Vibrate the names of intelligences, but not the keys itself. Some of the Enochian names you already have had the opportunity to encounter in the Greater Ritual of Pentagram. We should give some instruction about pronunciation. Letter J is like a letter J in Jñāna Yoga. Letter C as C in Cairo while the letter Z is always pronounced as Zod, and you will notice that Enochian language have special care on this letter.

Students often ask me what is the ideal number of repetitions of keys. Enochian keys are quite energetic and short. It might be best to start with only a few repetitions (from 2 to 5 in most cases). And remember, repeat the entire sequence. If a particular sequence is related to water of air, then you will read the third and seventh key, and again the third and seventh, and so on until you reach the Change. Avoid working 5 times with the third and then 5 times with the seventh key. Also, repeat until you feel the presence of the force. Certainly, only one reading is insufficient at the beginning, but 20 repetitions would show for certain that something was not done properly. Each of you got a natural, ideal way in which the Enochian system will answer to you. Intelligences and forces of the Enochian world are like secret agents of your Holy Guardian Angel. Imagine that the world of the Enochian system encompasses a much wider area then Ruach, so within Æthyrs you can find both the formula of LVX as well as the formula of NOX.

Unlike other sequences and combinations, the nineteenth key is the same for all Æthyrs, except that you must insert the appropriate name for specific Æthyr. It is good to properly translate Enochian keys and to become familiar with their meaning, but do not be obsessed with it. They certainly have the effect of “barbarous names”, but their real strength is much more beyond that and in something far more simpler. It is wrong to say it word by word; remember, you must have fluent and intelligible speech as if talking to someone. Now imagine that you are now speaking … to … someone … in … this … tempo … it … would … take … hours… to … finish … a … meaningful … conversation. Therefore, practice the pronunciation of keys. In this practice, you will express Bhakti Yoga too, not only Jñāna. In the Enochian system, you will have the imperative to perform two highest instructions at the same time:

    1. Inflame Thyself With Prayer
    2. Invoke often.

The Enochian system is wonderful. Even when you just read magazine articles about it, it activates something within you. We can say that pronouncing Enochian keys is a trigger for the atomic explosion that occurs inside your spiritual device.

As far as my advice is concerned, work first with the Watchtowers of the Universe and the elemental tablets before you start exploring the Æthyrs. The visions triggered by Enochian are quite different from the others. You will have less control; experiences are much stronger and more vibrant. The Enochian world will never give you something that you will not be able to bear. The worst thing that can happen is that nothing will happen. It is the greatest defeat in Enochian when you realize you are not up to a certain level. If you cannot get a vision, for example, from the Watery aspect of Earth, but clearly have a vision of Watery aspect of Fire instead, it means there exists a blockade inside of your being which is represented by that precise combination of elements and subelements.

Let us amuse for a while. What would it mean if we had a problem with getting visions from the Earthly part of Water? But what would it mean practically? It is the living practice of Qabalah. What is Water? Emotions. What is Earth? Mundane world. What is the Earth of Water? If the Water is emotion, and all of the emotions that exist, what would be one particular emotion that would seal your whole life for good? You could be afraid of a wedding ring or married life. Quite likely you would have some problem with emotional binding.

Let us advance further, this is a good exercise. Earthly part of Air. What is it, give a specific example from your life? Define the problem. Have you heard about people who have issues with attention and reading? Dyslexia. Allow your brain to work, free your way of thinking. Tell me which vehicle indicates this combination of elements? Airplane? No. It would be rather the Air of Earth. What blows in the air? Bomb, something that uses explosions, it could be a rocket. There aren’t definitely true or false analogies, what I ask from you are just to start a new way of thinking. The Qabalistic way of thinking. What color could it be?

Answer: Red or brown.

That’s it. Why brown? Black, as earth, and yellow as air, brown is a mixture of those two. You do not need to know what it is; it is sometimes just enough to know what it is not. Through elimination, you come to the solution. Now we are going to include the planets.

The Airy part of Earth plus the Moon? If we understand the Moon as the path of High Priestess that have the number 13, then it may be Apollo XIII as a rocket landing on the Moon. True Qabalist sees relations in all things, as he sees the same thing in all relations. True Qabalist is like a forensics expert, he knows that everything is connected to all the other things through more or less obvious connections. Think about it. You do not need to invent things; you only need to find the link. This is a true ordeal of a Qabalist.

Please observe these models, play with them, and obtain new combinations and solutions. Combine everything with everything, and everything with none, getting new things that would continue to combine among themselves. This way you are creating new universes and new rules. Your rules.

In the end, I must admit that I do not like farewells. So, I will say no more than this which I think is the biggest and the most important instruction of all that we’ve had during this wonderful encounter. And that is: think with your own head.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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