Practical observation on Enochian Calls

David Chaim Smith

This topic does not deserve much discussion, whenever it is mentioned above Yesod. It does not need much exercise or talent. In order to apply it successfully, it is necessary to set the model on which the core mechanism is based. I did not notice that someone tried to put this table on the right legs; I will do it at your will. The essence of invocation is not in barbaric names. They are important only as factors of Change in your consciousness. What is far more important is attention and waiting. Allow me to point out: barbaric names and incantation serve for your mind as a warning and conditioning toward someone who is on the other side to appear before your eyes. But you do not know when this will happen and in what form. This moment, when the feeling of impatient expectation develops, is a true condition of Success. Like when I tell you that I will call you tomorrow at 14:00, you will wait a minute before 14h by the phone, expecting my call. At that moment, precisely at that moment before my call, lays the whole point. Feel the way in which your attention is distorted. It is like an impatient child who knows what, but not when.

With pure statistic, at that moment anything can distract your attention. But now your consciousness has already changed and is filled with expectation, therefore this side event is welcomed with fanfare and it constructs what it wants itself to be. Often, from the most ordinary street firework, the reality is transmuted into the speech of a demon, or the light of the streetlamp becomes the illumination of the light of the angel. In other words, your enthusiasm becomes a link between two events that have nothing in common, except that they have affected your attention as cold water after waking up. It is an effect that the circus magicians use – when they draw attention from the essential to irrelevant to accomplish the desired Change, which is defined as Miraculous by those who are too fascinated to spread their attention to both hands of the magician, and not just the one in which he held the object on which our attention was glued. In the case of a call, it is an unconscious self-deception that can grow into the fruit of the most beautiful visions. But again, will you get from them something you do not already know?

Frater 273∴

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