Ruach, and on some particular case of Action

This is the real name of Siddhartha Buddha – Tathgata – Suchness; what to say, the Truth is what it is, whatever it is. This seems to be the Hall of the Consciousness, in this Sphere and at this place. It is as It is – whatever That is.

The most beautiful talent of this place is the cold acceptance of Suchness and the demolition of all the bad models of relations that rule the world, the truth of their own lies. It is Water and Cancer, as much as Tower – consider well Tree of Life around this sphere.

Look at this place in one more way. Knowledge and Conversation, which is little below all this, but which determines the proper movement in this sphere, is attributed to a particular Being who is a specific type of Angel. In fact, the whole Ruach (take care of the fact that you do not define the Ruach sphere at any of the Planes. It is a part of the Soul in first place, not the World) is the refuge of all Angels on all the worlds; this is the place of the sublime Mind. Not the intelligence, as our medieval Brothers realized, but the Mind – which creates and sets up relationships and models of Reality, but also destroys the old and unapproved Change.

Their wings are the lower types of the same Movement that Magus has on their feet – because Magus announces the New Word of Change, and the Angels float under the air of the same Word, leading to Action (Mercury travels with his winged sandals on his feet, angelic wings grow out of his shoulders. Think about this relationship). They travel by air because the air is Ruach – and their refuge is in Tiphareth. He also thinks of air Mercury, which is the essence of the higher Magus, is not it the same Change that is manifested in two different places? We will also discuss some of the things that you can confront in this awkward Place. I will mention one of the skills that still are difficult for you – developing an awareness of the light body; I always advocated and I advocate that she learn first and above all the rest. But who am I talking to? I will point you in different ways in understanding some of the things that you encounter every day in dealing with Skill, but the inertia in learning and performing your work has greatly reduced your effectiveness.

The essence of this sphere is the passionate manifestation of the authenticity of Being, your Being. Think that the truth about your Being is nothing else but the authenticity of that same Being.

Therefore, each of your work must be more yours than the work itself. Keep in mind every time you remember these Halls of Consciousness: its name is Action.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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