The glow of Victory



Dear Brother,

Your Work satisfies me; I find it very inspiring, even with regard to my own Work; it is so nice to see the Fruits of Labor in our Art. I have a lot to say about this Sphere, but it may be that you will be able to apply a little bit at the beginning. You have already noticed in your last letter, as you climb more and more, given Knowledge becomes less and less necessary. As you approach the edge, so is the lesser the difference between the Acquired and the Learned; what will be said, there is a smaller difference between our Method and our Goal. The only motto that I can tell you is useful for describing the Consciousness of this Chamber, is that there are things that do not have to be told to be pronounced. In this Sphere, there is more than ever the absurdity of logic, but you will see that this is by no means an obstacle, even on the contrary – the Simple Method and Achievement is in fact the Method rather than the Achievement itself. The condition in understanding this is so necessary in your passage further.

I have so much to say, your letters respond with enthusiasm and success on every written page. And that is exactly what is worrying me.

Within the work with the past Sphere, you noticed that ideas with their contradictions were quite noticeable, which were attributed to the very same Sphere, or awareness. You saw this clearly in your previous letter; now is the right time to consider this in all aspects. It will be difficult at the beginning, but it will work out how the time moves, as it is up to now. Advance further.

The equality of Method and Achievement is Method, not Achievement. I would say that this statement is more allegory than the description of the Truth about the idea we are discussing here with our two limited minds. This is such a grateful meditation so that I can not think of a better, and at the same time simpler and less demanding. In fact, the entire Tree of Life contains within itself a defined nebulosity and contradiction unit, and if we better consider the essence of this “phenomenon”, we will notice that it is much more present in the higher Spheres than in the lower ones. Let us define the space of this phenomenon and deal briefly with the definition itself. Contrast is a manifestation of consciousness, in the form that our western mind percieves. This phenomenon does not necessarily give Qlipoth’s epithet, you must force yourself to look at every event at all times and in every place as a specific form of God’s Conversation with your own Soul. Positive and Negative experiences are always manifestations of Distraught; pure experience, however, leads to the emergence of a pure Achievement, each add an adjective is superfluous and creates an effort in Understanding. But the Qlipoth, it is nothing else to static and braking the Change; therefore, every as highest truth which is founded at least for a moment, is the Qlipoth.

To explain this to you, you need a lot of words, infinitely many words. The problem is in the fact that I do not have so much time, therefore, direct my attention to the things I am talking about; your attention is that which conditiones success in the understanding of the lesson, and nothing else.

So far, you have managed to integrate the Tree of Life into your life through a certain ideas. There is the idea of a sphere or a Sephira, there is the idea of a path, and at the very least there is the idea of consciousness. All these ideas split the unity of the Tree, but with the reason for understanding the whole. You will very easily learn the song if you separate smaller parts that later you connect by your intuitive logic. When I am already at this, I will pass brief correspondence about this sphere in the same way a I did earlier.


Now we can make a big step further, for I have never loved the small and too careful steps because they are slow, and at the same time they tiring me. In your Art do not be brave, I’d rather say be rude. Then again, radiate umbileness and ease because your nature is of Jester and not the Knight. Attention should not be equated with the throbbing. A safe movement can be performed equally at full speed, therefore your attention is more important than the inertial movement and the intensity of your Spirit. Do not ever put attention at it, you are that; and direct your awarness to the highest Chamber of Consciousness.

Now we will consider some aspects of the Tree that group its parts into independent models, but these aspects are different from those three that you have learned so far. Here I am referring to what you once mentioned spontaneously to me, but I missed to  comment it until the present moment. Every model that you have adopted so far is based on a gradual and so to say the imperceptible progress and Change. The ten Sephiroth with 22 paths is a great model for thinking. If working with such a model yields certain results, then it is certainly not wrong to assume that working with a smaller one brings some other fruits; you can ask me what this is all about when you have only one same goal before you. All I can tell you is whether you really have a sure goal, or just a definition of its coordinates that are embedded in the symbols. The fact that you notice the path does not provide the goal; or at least not the one you are seeking. Therefore, it does not matter. Within our Art, the flexibility of your tool is of great importance and you do not need to worry about the time to achieve this talent.

We will narrow our model of reality with one single goal: transparency is created by increasing the ratio. Although the accuracy will be lost, we will obtain the speed and control. What I am asking you is to learn to walk with magical boots. Think about the power of the Mage; he moves and acts according to Will and without restriction. His Mind is the Universe, and all the Laws that exist are nothing but the laws of his mind.

I mentioned a sphere of action that we call Ruach. It is quoted and explained very ungratefully as an intellect. This may lie in the everlasting problem of defining the inner reality by the Western minds. The Qabalah sets one model, in addition to many, in relation to the parts of the Being.


It is easy to see the spatial domination of the sphere of Ruach; observe a center defined by Tiphareth. Indeed we are returningf to the core of our original thought – the opposite is occurence attributed to Ruach. You noticed that this phenomenon intensified with your ascent; in Yesod and Hod was noticeable, in Netzach quite conspicuous. In Tiphareth it could be unbearable; this conclusion for you should only represent a logical ending based on pure speculation, so do not rely too much on this. In any case, the model of reality was narrowed to only three sections. Keep in mind that I do not write to you for the sake of knowledge about all sections, we will not discuss the rest except Ruach.

Think of the following: the center of Ruach is Tiphareth, like the Sun; but underneath it is Yesod as the Moon, and that is one pair of opposites. The other is hiding below, in the form of the first horizontal path on which the Sephiroth Hod and Netzach are, as your Cup and your Wand. Finally, the third contradiction is expressed in the pair of Geburah and Chesed in the form of Rigor and Grace. At first glance, the sphere of Ruach points out nothing but harmony and unity. But think of the way you think, do you see the unity of your thoughts? Is the nature of any part or aspect of your mind is unity? As Qabalists, can we say that the Unity on the whole Tree is settled in only One Place? Think of which one.

The opposite of an idea is a Method, not Achievement. For centuries, it is trying to define the concept of the unity of opposites. Whether Successfully I do not know. If it is Justifiably, I would say no. And nowhere is this better described than within the first line of Tao Teh King: “The way that one can go is not the eternal Way…“. The unity of opposites is a clumsy expression that in our Art creates only unnecessary confusion; I was always so frivolous in these things: if we were to give up the action to eradicate Slavery, I would do it by first destroying the idea of Freedom. Because, what binds man more than the aspiration for freedom. A free man, however, does not strive for what he already has. Just a prisoner longs for freedom.

The first principle that I have brought you is that our only task is to realize the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and to awaken the True Nature. Think that these are not two separate things; these are synonyms for defining a specific experience from different levels, I would say. Knowledge and Conversation is the nature of the Great Work expressed by the macrocosmic idea, while the True Nature is breaking the same process through the veil of Paroketh, down to the microcosmic reality.

Define the situation with simple sentences and you will find it easier to understand. Within the first case, we find: this True Will; other case, however, resonates with this color: that Holy Guardian Angel. The Great Work should be accomplished without the fragmentation of the enigma where the Will is and where is the Angel. Instead, the Truth is hidden in the answer to whose Will and whose Angel. Who, not what. Think of this, that the truth about Being is nothing else but the authenticity of that same Being.


Frater Aureus 273∴

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