Liber O OO OOO

10. Relaxation. Calm your body, calm your mind, as much as possible. Then continue.

9. With each breath of yours, you are becoming lesser, in the end, closed in the centre of your skull. Decrease yourself until you become a fraction greater than None.

2. By doing so, perform in the centre of your skull Liber XXV or MTRP.

1. You are now in a space devoted and purified.

000. Observe the sick creations of your mind.
Watch your thoughts.
Destroy them!
As soon as they arise. Like they are locusts, destroy them.
Do not let them even scream.
How do they mock you, denigrating unity.
Because you are separated. And that is just an illusion.
Which tears and which separates.
All those signs. All these forms.
And you are like a crucified Fool between them.
Read this and forget everything at once, because there is no one who reads,
who remembers,
who thinks,
who forgets.
Let your nature be destructive,
but again, let it be holy.
It is Shiva. But it is not You.

00. This is such a wonderful place.
This is such a wonderful pl….
This is such a wo……  ……
This is su.. . ……… ……
This .. …. . ……… …….
…. .. …. . ……… ……

0. In the end will remain the Uncreated.
Uncreated but destroyed.

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