LAM working, part 1

“Yet even so was I not deceived; for the crown hath twelve rays.
And these twelve rays are one.”

Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA, sub figûra DLXX

lambest small

I thought I knew, I discovered that my passage further did not depend on that at all. The essence was in Change which took place deeply and long in my own blood. By the Change of my Being, I became a Change.

There seems to be a certain type of astral vision that can so much affect the soul as the worst poison. Such visions affect the aspirant long after they are received and the aspirant can find himself acting for years to comply with the orders he obtained. I do not know if I can say that the nature of such visions is purely astral, it may be questionable which region of Ruach is manifested through them. Such experiences do not actually fall under the classification of visions; vision is the way in which the experience most perfectly is accepted through the plane of Ruach, but the experience itself contains a specific type of enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm that appears in the minds of many alchemists at the moment they saw gold in remains of the dead matter. This enthusiasm is equally capable of creating one new universe, and even defining relationships within it. This enthusiasm is the accompanying act of Samadhi in some weaker minds, this enthusiasm is the essence of pure creation, its core is the Elixir of Wisdom; because through such an experience is revealed nothing else than the plan of the Great Architect. I would be more than foolish if I were to give more importance to what follows that it really does. Maybe it is pure intrigue, maybe not.

The beginning came out of its coincidence. One of those nights, I watched the unusual and always interesting influences that affect my body of light and explored them carefully. At the moment of particular attention, when my being at a moment deeply absorbed the splendor of a star in the North sky, a specific kind of disturb occurred. And it was provoked by the great Change that led my body from the light to that same star. No more than two drift thoughts emerged in my mind, long ago nestled in a different vehicle than this, and the field of my vision was flooded by magnificent blue light. I thought this was one of the usual ways in which my Angel appear, but then again, this light was completely different. To my astonishment, in the center of the light field, a large solar Swastika began to be drawn, which in the end turned into a fish. Then everything gets dark, and by that darkness, the fish disappeared in the waves of the great waters of Nun, where thousands of lilies were scattered. I floated for some time in this section of Paradise, then I came back. That was the inception of combined experiences that brought my being to enormous Change.

The FIRST ray

I stepped through the Arcana “Fortune”; the entire display instantly passes behind me. I am starting to move at a tremendous speed forward. I travel through space, stars and planets, galaxies and star clusters pass by me. I am becoming a comet. As I progress in my journey, I become less and less, the comet is consumed and reduced. When the entire comet is exhausted, I find myself in LAM’s head that continues to ride forward. Now, we are on Earth where people welcome us; I notice that they are quite surprised and excited about the contact. Everyone waves with flags of different countries; I greet them indifferently as if I somehow know what to do and stick with it. I am stepping on the beautiful red carpet marbled with golden lines. I have a strange feeling that in one moment it is me who walks, the other moment it is LAM. I walk for miles, everywhere on my right and left are people who watch and salute me.

Finally, I come to the end of the carpet where one girl is standing. It is Andromeda, dressed in exquisite transparent silk, reflecting the perfect Greek principle of beauty. I approach her and grab her hands. Now I am Lam. I suck her consciousness through my eyes into the center of my skull, where it is to be compounded with my secretion. She screams and writhes from pleasure. Andromeda becomes pregnant. The two of us live in isolation from the rest of the world. After 11 months she gives birth to a male and female LAM.

Now I am looking at the Earth for a thousand years, it is covered by the LAM-like creatures. My vision is obscure, but I feel progress in terms of civilization. I sit on one chair and contemplate, satisfied with what humanity has come to. I feel like a superior being, but calm. Then somebody brings to me one armchair made especially for myself, I sit on it and begin to dream while awake, as some more perfect form of sleep. At the moment when LAM entered that second state, I returned back.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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