LAM working, part 2


The FIFTH ray

I passed through and I appear in a small bay, on the seaside. Exalted fjords are around me, it is gloomy. I am walking in autumn clothes. I sat on a sandy beach and start to throw stones in the water, making concentric circular waves. Watching them inducted a great Change of awareness. Waves come to the shore transmitting little earthquakes, of which large black leeches come out of the sand. This excites me in some magnificent way. Now I lie down on the sand while the leeches start sucking my blood slowly. I feel pain, than relief. I feel that my life energy is coming out of my body. I am now in the position of a “hanged man“. As the last drop of blood leaves my body, leeches are moving away and returned in the sand. Only my consciousness remains.

On the surface above the sea, the airy character of LAM stares at me. His head is floating where the centre of these circular waves was. I get spasm all over my body. LAM is sucking me inside of his skull. At first, nothing can be seen, it is complete darkness, but as the time passes, I realize that I am laying on a bed attached to strange appliances. Some voice tells me not to worry because something wonderful will occur. I feel the electricity in my body. At one moment, I experience a love intercourse with the female LAM-like creature; I am experiencing an abstract sexual relationship with this being, a superior love pleasure. At the moment of orgasm, I am suddenly returning to the body and now again I find myself on the beach. I stand up being rebirthed. It is night, there is no one. I am watching the sea, it is now the sea of ​​sperm. I am expanding my consciousness, growing and realizing that I am actually in my skull. Then I become my body as a whole and complete.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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