LAM working, part 4

The Tenth ray

k0r0z6pxWhile sitting in asana, I spent some time in gently breathing, relaxing. Now I stare at the distance of the blackness behind the eyelids. For some time I have doing so, but later at moments as if I spotted a light flash in the distance, therefore I decided to focus on “it”, and entering into great Change. After a few moments of thrill, I appear in a three-dimensional sphere, like a capsule in a dark silvery colour. The vision was quite stable but I still felt my physical body; I tried to separate completely with the names of the Middle Pillar so I could get the feeling of the astral body. After a while, I succeed and my vision moves into a complete projection. This brought me great joy and enthusiasm because just a couple of days before I wanted to undertake the research of the higher realms once again.

The sphere was about 5 meters in diameter, I was sitting inside in a big armchair, somehow floating. As some time passed and nothing happened, I firmly wanted a Change in experience and at that moment a horrible murmur began, the sphere began to move. In fact, I had the impression that it was moving in a tunnel, accelerating more and more; at one point everything began to tremble and the vision began to disappears. Just when I had the feeling that everything would break and that I would be back, the sphere slowed down and ultimately it completely stood still. There was a clear change of atmosphere. Then I heard a whistling sound and the light began to entering a sphere, gradually and slowly; so I finally floated in one transparent ball. The membrane was so transparent that it was hard to see the contour of the ball sphere at all. At one point, the upper part of the sphere began to separate, and finally, I came out.

Everywhere around me stood beautiful hills covered with moss. It was the clear day but nowhere I could see the Sun disc; all this remind me of an earlier astral projection I had more than a year ago. I noticed the pathway in front of me, I assumed it was the manifestation of the Path projected through the Ruach, so I began to follow that trail that went up the hill. As I climbed I entered the growing Change. Below me were numerous olive groves, and in the distance some magnificent cones, like triangular tents; given the enormous distance, I conclude that they are extremely large in size, maybe the size of one residential building. At the centre of each cone shines one white-brilliance lantern, all of them connected with scarlet strips. It was a very unusual sight. Then the immense Change occurred, and I already expected the appearance of my Angel, for She often has manifesting herself and acting in “such” Change. When the vision stabilized, She stood beside the road in all her beauty and mildness. We started talking about …, as we approach the top the climb of the post is getting harder and steeper. In my being I felt strange confusion over those shining cups, I do not know why I thought about them. She noticed that I lose attention and said, “well, you can think of them as centres of freedom that are networked in what you call the Lodge within your sphere of Action.” I realized that it was the idea of ​​the “Eye in the Triangle” (which was presented with cones and lights) and the spread of Freemasonry “scarlet” connections. After that, She continued with her exposure to this Sphere, speaking very interestingly, but too often indistinctly.

I realized that I was in a specific part of Ruach, and that I had to use an abstract model of Action within this sphere. At the very top, She stops and said that my understanding was getting harder and that we should now break with the Conversation, because “specific Knowledge will come, and I will come again when you go through all this“.

I continued to the top where I saw a giant cross where Jesus hangs crucified. At that place the sky was almost entirely purple, very dark purple and the earth around me was soaked with Christ’s blood, everything was in a dark red mud. A heavy, extremely heavy atmosphere that descended from the purple skies of Binah pressed my being, and I expected that this vision would be broken at any moment and that I would return back. Then I heard a woman’s voice from those heavens telling me: “Europe is soaked with blood, with this blood. But it is always fresh and it will always be so.” I approached the cross, the vision began to change and now there was a crucified pigeon in front of me, a beautiful white pigeon. The hills around me disappeared as well as the purple sky, and everywhere was radiant bright light. A very strange, long-standing creatures stood around me and looked at me. From their direction comes a horribly screaming; I realized that this was the Qliphotic choir of the angels of this Sphere, therefore with the appropriate names I returned Silence into the vision. It took me some time to remember the correct names, but everything went smoothly and the vision did not fell apart. Now I heard the same woman’s voice, this time coming from Heaven: “look!” And the two huge hooks were stabbed in the pigeons’ chests that began to open. “Your world is soaked with this blood“. It was very unpleasant for me to attend this scene and I sincerely wanted to return, but soon I remembered my Angel and became aware that this is not the realm of the Qliphoth at all, but the vestibule of another sphere which is completely different and changed, and that all this is a rebellion of my own Ruach as it penetrates into the same sphere. So I got closer to the pigeon and looked at him in his chest. Instead of the heart, the character of LAM stood. I watched him in the eyes which pulsed as the heart was pulsing.

Everything has been moved in me to the great Change, and now a terrible rumble began to spread and I again found myself on the hill of crucifixion. In front of me was a crucified Christ, below him a figure in a red mantle that collected his blood in the small cup. I got closer and I saw it was LAM, and only now I started to notice a couple of small beings of the size of children, in the LAM-like forms. A couple of moments later, he gave them to drink from the cup, and when he finally gave me to drink, the vision began to change and I found myself in a place like a small church. In front, there was a large iconostasis and altar, on which there was also a crucifixion – but above instead of I.N.R.I., now it was written M.I.T.R.A.H. A voice behind said to me: “this is not our God! What you look at is terrible, and it is our Father“. I turned and saw a group of knights dressed like Templars, but instead of Templar cross, they had the T letter. I noticed that they all have elongated heads and very small eyes, like LAM. At that time the vision began to break, I tried to keep it in those moments, but in vain. The knights shouted: “do not be silent about this place“, then I heard other voices returning “about what place he must not be silent?” At the last moment, I heard: “He will not be silent about this terrible place!”

With that I came back, feeling the great pressure in my occipital bone. I had the impression that the nature of the whole vision was located in this bone that I had since I was born. I had a clear feeling that it means something and that it is related to the meaning of the vision.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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2 thoughts on “LAM working, part 4

  1. Excellent read. This ties in with a theory I have about hair slivers. Hair slivers. Sometimes while cutting someone’s hair, it (hair) can get stuck in my skin, like a sliver. Cutting hair is associated with death and there studies showing psychic visions come from the Occipical bone. And with I think? three chakra points on the skull, their is possible a concentration information you can gather from hair. Do you think it’s possible that somebody who is highly intuitive would be able to gather a large array of visions or data from various different people on a deeper level this way? Interested to see why others have to say about the topic.

    Blessings have a wonderful day

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  2. Dear Jess.
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Very interesting relation and thoughts. I also would like to hear opinions from others. Best, Aureus∴


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