LAM working, part 6 – finale

The Twelfth ray

I waited for darkness to turn into a three-dimensional sphere by looking at it with a peripheral view; in that way, I always step easily into the astral space in front of me, on the other side I was already changed. I walk through darkness and except darkness, there is nothing more. Behind me stood various shells and planets of the world. In front though, there was nothing. I became aware that I was in a very specific plane, so I gave up from vibrating the names and calling the guide. What could lead me here when nothing is left? I reached the land of no desire, but far from that I did not want.

Suddenly, all this was a deception, and I found myself walking along the path leading to the black cube in the middle of a sandy desert. The darkness stayed far, far behind the desire. This plane appeared to me, perhaps it is the same one from the beginning, but now accustomed to its proper vibration, I called the Vision and Voice. Soon I reached the entrance of the cube, it was a Temple without a window or any openings. Pure monolithic cube with carved octagon above the blue front door (Sirius). Inside, the change was manifesting its influence on me and I found a huge lake from which a thick silver fog evaporated. On the shore in the wooden boat was a girl, equally ugly and envious. Since I did not think of her as a guide, so does my time with her become insignificant. We approached the small island on which the pyramid was built. Only then did I notice that the lake was made from the blood. As we stepped on the island, I started to walk straight toward the small pyramid. Inside, again I found the change in vision, manifested in a huge hall, a truly huge, inexpressibly huge hall inside this very little pyramid, the hall was so large that I could not see the ceiling or its periphery. I continued to go through the change.

At the center was the altar as the perfect double cube, four marble paths were brought to it, each in elemental color. I came up with a blue marble path. On the altar was placed a long wooden plate, just that and nothing more. Then, the door opened and the high priests-kings approached the altar. I moved slightly to the side because I got the feeling that I needed to look from the distance. Priests-kings were giants, with over 4 meters high. I did not see their faces, but they were in elemental attributes. I knew that they were the four holy Enochian elemental kings, so I salute them with the name EHNB. These were specific beings like Adonai Maleks, and they were waiting for something. And now one beautiful young girl, dressed in blue, came in and brought an enlarged bowl that fitted on the altar. Although she had wings and brought a change which the Angel usually brought, she did not fly or speak anything. As she came with her feet, so she went into the silence of the darkness of this sanctuary. The change took me wholly over, now everything is gone and we all found ourselves in the center of one room where the magnificent celebration was held. Adonai Maleks were sitting at the table and beside them similar beings all with visors and scarves over their heads.

Then the bowl opens, and I saw the head of Baphomet resting in blood, and change began to dash this Vision and a beautiful green ray dropped to that head from the heavens and from the top, and I watched all that and admired to the great god IAIDA. And that light washed the head of Baphomet and before I worshipped IADANAMADA three times, now the head of John the Baptist stood in the center of all this Vision. It was wonderful and terrible at the same time. And now the four elemental kings have removed their war helmets and visors, and all others have done the same. And I watched, for a long time I looked down each to one, headless beings without heads. They sat all around one table, around the head of John, being themselves headless as well. It was miraculously how much it is now. And yet, at that plate on which the head of John the Baptist rested, I noticed some peculiar reflection, and this reflection was the head of LAM. My Angel told me that this was the Order of Headless-ones, and I realized that it was a true and real name of Johnites.

This was the true Order of John, and the head of Baphomet and the head of John, and all the other heads that were not there, and myself, was that One Order.

And now that One has disappeared and a complete Darkness has emerged, like those from the beginning. I thought I will go back in the same way, but I still had a desire. Therefore, I did not come back. And in that darkness, seven candles lit up. And each of the flames of the candles becomes one Church of Asia, not ordinary but quite different, I do not even know why I knew them by that name. And these seven Churches burned with small flames very quietly, but the change of this plane again made its move and the flames began to spread. And now before me stood brothers Templars who hold the torches like those flames. During the time there came more of them, soon they surrounded me in the form of a Greek cross. And on the call of IAIDA, the cross transformed into Swastika. And so once, and so many times. The change began to emerge in the form of a whirlpool that has increasingly embraced all-of-us.

And again there was darkness, but this time I was dwelling in the darkness of the night sky, and from the seven Church that was burning, there remained seven stars in the northern night sky. And I was delighted because of that. And now, from the direction of the constellation which was made up from these seven stars, an enormous and terrible head was sent to Earth, which soon comes to us, and falls and drops like a meteor, and breaks everything before itself. Underneath me, on Earth, there was no greater change than the one which already demolishing my own being. From that stroke, the oceans turned into mud, and one dragon and his slime blended with that mud and other man were created. But they were changed and different. The Voice from the Vision told me that they were children of Cain. Over time, they inhabit themselves under the ground, their blood became a juice from the trees. Black Sun heated them inside. And they were silent.

Three archangels; Gabriel, Raphael, and Auriel brought the essence of Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt, from which they made a great crown and placed it on the head of a young woman. This crown was the circle of stars of the European Union. Seven Angels approached to that crown and cut off a piece of their hair. And those strands were letters. Gabriel, Rafael, and Auriel were GRA, the others just added to SANGRAA. Therefore, there was not what or where the Graal is, but who. And now it does-not-matter at all.

And now the Cross is Swastika, as the Rose was Lily. And the Swastika struck Kteis of those young women with its hooks from which the waterfalls of the secretion that smelled of Lily flowed.

And now Dragon is devouring Everything and All in Everything, and all in this Vision. His scarlet refracts the light from heaven, making the haloes on the heads of saints, on which the letter I is engraved, as John. And now, the haloes became mirrors and the head of LAM clearly could be seen in them, as a true head of John. Behind all this is the vision of the Dragon; the change was in the beginning and it stays there, without moving.

And a very long time passed. Until at the edge of this Vision, in the celestial space, LAM showed me a SanGraa; in his left hand, a tiny being was sitting, exalted and simple. LAM turned the holy Cup and put it over that little being. And not only did Elixir have fallen upon him, but none of the fate that was initiated by this Vision did not hear or saw by him, because he was guarded by SanGraa’s walls. He disappeared in silence. Slowly, everything disappeared.

The Hospitality of Abraham by Andrei Rublev1

Frater Aureus 273∴

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