The Apostles of Akephalon


By Frater Pelicanus∴

10) The company of heaven also seeks to cultivate the consciousness of the continuity of existence: the holistic inter-relationship of members with other human beings, life forms, and energies; the Earth; the Sun; other planets, stars, galaxies; and the universe as a whole, including “extra”- or “praeter”- human intelligences.”

-Articles of association for The Company of Heaven


This article will deal with LAM an ‘extra-terrestrial’ being and my encounters with IT. I will give some analysis of its name and nature. I must state that nothing of this was derived from the writings of Michael Staley whose articles I have read after I got an idea to write about LAM, and thus his articles can be seen as a possible comparison to my experience. I will not write about someone else’s experiences since I do not know of such, and if I know it’s only in short excerpts, that I will mention in due course. Also, I am not a member of Typhonian O.T.O. nor I ever met anyone from this Order, nor any member of their ‘Cult of Lam’. Also, I have read only the first three books of Keneth Grant, so I do not know if he ever wrote more about his experience. The making of this article is inspired by encounters with LAM and by the recent foundation of Lam Mailing List on the Internet, to whose subscribers I dedicate this article.


About ten years ago, inspired by Liber AL vel Legis, I have drawn a Lamen, that consisted of several symbols, numbers, and a name. In the center was a simple upright pentagram with a circle in the center and with letters of a name – AIVAZ, around which was a serpent biting its own tail. Upper from this was a number 93 and lower was 418. Very simple drawing but whole in harmony. I forgot about this lamen for about two years. When I founded it in my pack of drawings I decided that I should try to meditate on it. I have made a few experiments and then suddenly had a spontaneous astral projection. I entered a shining purple sphere. Rays of crystal pink light were all around and then it disappeared and I found myself in a desert. It was wast, few trees that existed were without leaves, and the strong wind was blowing bending those dry trees. Everything was grey. Then in front of me popped up a being and said: “Welcome! From where do you come!? From there no one comes.” It disappeared and I passed through one door into a wast void that I could not describe nor explain, and remembrance of it faded with time. This being I recognized to be Lam but it meant to me almost nothing, and his words meant even less. Lam appeared in my further meditations on this Lamen but faded after a while. I believed that Aiwaz and Lam are in some connection since this encounter happened sometime before I have heard about Z.M.Slavinski’s (Leader of E.G.A.) claims that Lam is the image that Aiwaz takes to manifest and that the scientist Nikola Tesla was under the strong influence of Aiwaz that he even looked like Lam. So this Lamen was for me a gateway to encounter with an ‘extraterrestrial’.


Sometime after this, I got into the possession of a book written by ‘Master Leo’, an ‘Adept’ from Bosnia. This book was ‘The book of Gnosis’ and among very original materials on Leo’s own magickal system, there was one complete chapter dedicated to meditation on the image of Lam during 39 days. And of course, my wife and I decided to go on and work on it. I have made two drawings of Lam, one on white and another on a black background and we followed the proposed instructions from the book. I was a little confused with various possibilities what Lam is, and who is IT and in this period made research and collected all my ideas and suspicions on this theme. Except for the ‘inner’ feeling of the presence of this ‘being’ during our work, and few inspiring dreams (that does not seem to be connected with Lam) we experienced nothing that we recognized as contact or communication with anything unusual. We considered this to be decent work and meditations with honest failure at the end. But, it seemed that this planted a seed in the ground, we were strongly pushed towards our true paths (that is how I recognize it now), I have been involved in studies of Tarot, Qabalah and the Tree of Life and made few versions of my own tarot decks. Lam appeared on one of these cards – on ATU XX – The Aeon, and we were satisfied with how it looked.



What happened to my wife later was more unusual that we imagined that it could be – she met Mother of Lam, and not just once. As my wife is strongly influenced and inspired by Goddess, she met ‘Mother of Lam’ in several dreams along with goddess Isis and an Irish Hierophant – Olivia Robertson, from ‘The Fellowship of Isis’. It seemed so curious to us that Lam has a ‘mother’ and that my wife encountered it, although she is not too much interested in ‘extraterrestrials’. I believed that this being is a form of Nuit, but since we didn’t have any further proof we believed this to be an interesting accident, inspiration to explore astrally the spheres of every letter of Alphabet of Daggers. The method was simple, first I performed LBRP or The Ruby Star Ritual, astrally, then visualized a door with the appropriate letter and passed through it into a sphere. And again, without previous expectancy, I met Lam, and not just ‘him’. From vision to vision to me appeared various beings that looked like Lam, but was of the same nature only different. Of course, I tried to banish the illusion and ‘demons’ but came up that ‘they’ were not that. I call them “Lam Family”. They gave me a few simple instructions and ‘lectures’ on the nature of various spheres that I visited. Also, about them, I was told that ‘they’ are 13 in number, but actually 12 because one is so ‘secret’ that IT never appears visibly and that no one knows it.

The story is that their land on this planet, now known as Lemuria, was “Lam-Ur” – Land of the Path Of Light. At the end of their civilization, twelve of them literally absorbed their race and moved to live, one period of ‘time’, on an astral isle in Earth’s orbit. Later they joined fellow beings on Sirius, that they indwell ‘now’. I experienced their influence more astrally and they acted as initiators of my spiritual progress. The ‘energies’ were harmonious and subtle, controlled by their ‘mind’ abilities. I can describe a few of them, cause not all 12 appeared to me. First I met a Lam-like being with a hierophants hat on his head, he is the oldest of them, and he is called UT. There was also a being like octopus, female, whose name is GOO. The being that I met as ‘Mother of Lam’ was KoULa. One other being, fat, Lam-like, who ‘pretends to be fake’ is Gulor. One of them is considered ‘evil’, but all of them are of ‘equal’ importance in the expression of their energies. I saw ‘faces’ and images of others but didn’t communicate openly with them all, so I do not know their ‘names’. (I did make the portrait drawings of eleven of them) In all visions LAM was main mediator and guide (beside one Master of Temple that contacted me astrally even previously to this working, and whose name – ILEON.’. is ‘curiously’ very similar to MEON of which Michael Bertiaux wrote in his interesting Book Of Meon, that is actually ‘received’ from ‘Aiwaz Zothirius’; also “ILEN” is Latin word for ‘prima-materia’ from which all manifestation sprang).

The verse from Liber AL – “Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us.” – have now completely new meaning to me. It is not only the unity of opposites and their ‘destruction’ but this means to me instruction that Sirius, usually called ‘Sun-behind-the-Sun’ is not Kether of The Tree of Life, but those who dwell it are the ‘highest’. They are ‘God’ – they ‘are of us’. They act as initiators – Hermits of Thelema.

My impression is that those beings from “Lam-Ur” also experienced a procession of Equinoxes and changes of Aeons and that during their ‘Aeon of Maat’ they prepared certain points on Earth that will be spiritual vortexes for Initiations of those that will come after. Actually, I even remember building pyramids, where I was one of the architect-builders, and I can say that those pyramids were built much faster and simpler than present theories are telling, by use of specific ‘mind machines’. And I remember being a priest of Quetzalcoatl, serving to preserve those spiritual vortexes open for communication and initiation during few incarnations. These ‘power points’ on Earth are located only on one geographic ‘parallel’ and you can see for yourself the position of Egyptian Kairo and Tibetan Lhasa, just to give example.

My impression is also that during their Aeon of Maat they established the roots of ‘next’ civilization, with its own starting ‘Aeon of Isis’ that even gave a name to it – ATLAS – The Land of Black Snake Woman. (I always say ‘my impression’ cause there is no certainty in all these statements beyond some point of seeing and understanding the whole ‘story’) I ‘believe’ that twelve of these beings are ‘Great Angel HUA’, and that their ‘Unity’ gives ‘thirteenth’ one – one ‘hidden’ – not known – Kether itself. And, I ‘believe’ that this thirteenth does use the image of LAM only in another manner. IT is the Gateway to the ‘dark’ side of The Tree of Life and ‘The Tunnels Of Seth’. ((IT is the Unborn-Headless Gateway. This statement I realized more directly through another experience.)). The twelve of them are ‘archetypes’ of Gnostic Apostles, kind of octopodal-neptunic representatives of the spiritual zodiac, the thirteenth, One of their unity is their ‘first swirling’.

Now I will present one of the visions of LAM:
“Experiment with Letter J”
“LBRP is performed first, astrally. I visualized the letter “J”, Lam’s image appears, but much under the letter. Then it grows and stands before me. I assume its form still visualizing letter “J”. I feel that I’m slipping down through the white icy tunnel,, that starts from Lam’s right eye -that is black. That tunnel descends very deeply and I ‘landed’ in a cave, it is all of the ice (white, and light blue) and I feel that I’m standing in shallow water. On the wall of the cave, I noticed the written word QIA (written in the alphabet of daggers), and when I turned to see where I will go further, one sun, from the space that permeated with this sphere attracted me, so I raised higher towards it.

Now I’m in front of a door with two daggers of letter “J”, I’m going through it by giving the Sign of Enterer and I found myself on the wooden raft that floats on a great slightly stormy sea. I see that from a float in front of me Lam took someone, but I’m still conscious of a Sun. Then I realized that this sea is coming to its end and on strict angle falls into the abyss. But my awareness of that sun raised me higher and I’m flying in the air.

I’m walking through empty space and founding a narrow path, all around there is nothing, completely empty silver space. I see that I’m going through a tunnel, and before me is walking one tree full of knots, I’m following it, and we came in front of a lake, around which is the rich forest. There are a lot of fish and snakes in this lake and this tree warns me not to enter it, so I’m climbing above the opening of this tunnel on a field and then to the shore of the lake. Again I follow this tree on a narrow path that was shaped like the letter “J” and I reach one village that is surrounded by a tall wall. Houses are like mushrooms (suddenly I see Lam’s face but he warns me to be concentrated on vision, not on ‘him’). I’m entering this village and black natives approach me, they all ware feathers and spears, and they lead me through a village to a house on tall pillars. I stand in front of a stairway, they held me bowed down, when one white man came. I greet him and say that I’m searching for knowledge on the alphabet of daggers and here especially on the letter “J”. He took me up these stairs, to sit beside him, and to watch the dance of natives. With their dance they were making circles, three’s and eight’s, and the man says that this dance is in remembrance that all this was a sea a long time ago, and how we all came from it, and that they (people from the village) were not always ‘people who walked’.

It all disappeared and I see LAM. I’m uniting with its form, and I’m flying higher through one black tunnel (that starts from its white eye). I reach high and ‘land’ in one dark, black chamber: there I see, again, written on the wall, word QIA, and when this chamber associated me on pyramids chamber – I really became aware of a pyramid in which I stand. I noticed a detail of drawing on the wall, people are digging and working on the land, and land is giving birth to plants and trees, and above the birds are flying; and a ‘voice’ is ‘telling’ me that this letter “J” is dedicated to Sycomore and to Corn, and to Ducks also, and thus to Nuit.

Then I see the image of Hadit, and then Nuit appears, and everything before me appears to be a vision of the Stelle of Revealing. Permeated with the Stelle I saw LAM, he tells me that my tarot cards are correct and good. I’m uniting with Hadit (the ‘state’ of consciousness changed) and anything except that disappears, there is no vision, all ‘energies’ and ‘radiations’ seems to become emptiness that is chaos and order (I’m not able to explain this, it lasted very ‘short’); I sing “Aka dua … “, when I pronounced “Nuteru” I felt I’m slipping back through the tunnel, going out of Lam’s image and out through the door of this sphere. Finally, I performed LBRP.”


It happened this year, 1998.ev., when Mercury entered the sign of Aquarius, that one of my friends, Fr.Milosh, a Chaos Magickian, during one of his workings was contacted by an ‘egregore’ (so described by him) and was given a magical word for me. It came up to be an interesting, 151 days long, Magickal Working of KHLUX, and it brought me closer to my Holy Guardian Angel and to LAM. I can say that this formula KHLUX is a boat of Deucalion, son of Prometheus, and it was my ‘weapon’ for stepping upon my spiritual path. Communication with ‘both’ entities happened spontaneously, helped with various magickal practices and meditations that I performed during this period.

I once wrote to my friend from “The Company Of Heaven”, Fr.VAL 419,: “Re. KHLUX, it is still developing, I’m constantly exploring it and it reveals to me its nature, and my nature. I developed few practices based on this magickal Formula that I use besides my regular Middle Pillar exercise (with the addition of meditation on the whole Tree Of Life) and SaMeKh that I perform daily. After some time it brought me in contact with LAM whom I still can not differentiate from my own HGA. Also as I used KHLUX as a yogic mantra, combined with other practices it brings me in a certain state, for a few seconds every day, that I perceive as total liberation. In these seconds “I” am stripped of my body, my mind and emotions, all that I perceive is empty space filled with glorious stars and unconditioned unity with it. This state is diametrically opposite to my vision of HGA who appears as pure light, without a shape, the appearance of this light is ecstatic, and entrance in ‘KHLUX’ state is relief of liberation from everything. And yes I’ll continue to work on it.”

It was written a few days before I realized the ‘difference’ of this ‘visions’. Actually, as this state continued I was able to determinate the ‘state’ of light and it’s nature and this void of empty space with stars. I realized that the mediator between this light and this void was Lam, and it was very curiously, since it seemed to be several things at the same time. The light was ‘outside’ and the void was ‘inside’ Lam, and Lam was the gate-way from light into this void, and vice-versa, and Lam was emanating this light, and this void that was inside Lam was also ‘endless’ as it was this light. And Lam was never seen as on Crowley’s drawing, similar but also ’empty’. Foolishly I’m trying to explain this. I realized this Light to be my Angel, the light of The Star of my inner self, and ‘I’ enjoyed this liberation into void beside that, and Lam was the silent Initiator. I communicated with this light, but besides that, my mind was never able to understand this ‘void’ since I always left it outside…



This time I will write only about Lam since IT continued to appear to me from time to time giving the ‘suggestions’ and kind of ‘confirmation’ of IT’s nature. I will first give the analysis, and what I understood intellectually, ‘what and who’ Lam is (and I’m sure that analysis can go much further than this).

Let’s start with math (I’m using only Hebrew Qabalah): LAM = 30+1+40 = 71 = “OA” or “AO”. That is: Lamed + Aleph + Mem = A’Ain + Aleph … Libra + Air + Water … Capricornus + Air… Lamed is the duality (in balance) of a multitude, Aleph – multitude is through unity returned to Zero, and Mem – Light and darkness are permeating in the Great Sea of Consciousness. This describes the process of return to Supernals, from ‘where’ purity fills all, even lower spheres. What is reached on ‘heights’ then shines and feeds upon lower. “He” is group consciousness in unity, who is a guide for those ‘lower’ on a path of seeing that ‘higher’ It is all about exceeding the restrictions and remembrance of one’s own divinity. As 71 – The Devil and the Fool – the Eye and the Ox, I see it as Swastika in the eye, or a point in the eye (of the ‘God’). ‘A’ as the peak towards “1”, and “O” as a peak of streaming towards “6” – Tiphareth and Kether – Male phallic powers that release the divine spermatozoon of self. This ‘spermatozoon’ is “Talam” and “Malat” that depends on the kind of magickal current and unity of path and the truth.

About correspondences, in “777” we find for 71 the following: Your horror; nothing; ghost, illusion; silence; lead; the level of water, vision; dove, plenty; fullness… that is: AIMK, ALIL, ALM, HVKN, IVNH, INVH, MLA, ANK … etc. For 71 these corresponding words have specific meaning for various levels of understanding it. AIMK is the horror of ego, who is bound to itself, of dissolution into ‘higher’; ALIL means that the images (even as HVKN) are just illusions of forms on two different levels; one is deceptive, other inspirative; IVNH and INVH are spiritual influences, inspiration of Phallic and Kteic nature, an aspect of the ‘Holy Ghost’. LAM – spiritual path (Lama is he who goes, on Tibetan), ALM is silence, MLA is fullness. LAM is usually ‘described’ as The Voice Of Silence, it is mostly expressed as ‘male’ aspect, phallic, to bring the impulses from the silence of Nothingness (AIN – LA). M is a lamp in the sea-water, a mediator of “LA”. The white light is breaking, through a prism, into various colors… but there ‘is’ a light so pure that it is ‘perceived’ as darkness.

L + AM = Balance + Mother, thus Maat – Binah.
LA + M = Nothing + water, thus: the Great sea of Nothingness.
AL + M = All + water – from ‘A’ springs out and through balance it manifests.
A + LM = AO (even as 70 it is ‘silence’), The egg of Spirit in the night (LIL), or ‘The fool and it’s secret’…
MLA – The great sea is All in Nothing (LA), Water is the continuum of consciousness, the current of Nuit.

M – Hoor is the Lord initiating; “The warrior lord of the forties” (and M=40=4×10…)
L – Maat as the balance to Horus.
A – The Spiritual seed in the center; The Child of Hoor and Maat.
This seems like IAO formula, but it is different.

L – A – M : “The truth of spirit is in Hoor’s current” or “The scourge takes the Ox across the waters.”

71 as 7 + 1 = 8 (eight) …’ Wanted, intended’, – this is the intent of moving, going on the Path; ‘wanted, loved’ – Spiritual urge and love towards inner core and light; ‘then’ – stepping out of the moment into that ‘beyond’; ‘doorway’ – passing to the ‘other side’; being worried, grief’ – The higher is Overseeing the lower, unperfected, restricted; ‘love, beloved’ – (DD) inner unity of opposites and emanation of energies of that unity from emptiness (of AIN) to fullness; the notaricon of Zauir Anpin – this is the connection with the ‘highest’; … 8=2x2x2 – the House manifested through three spheres; 2 as Chocmah and Beth, 8 as Hod; also of The Chariot ATU VII; this all express the idea of emanation the word or voice from the silence…

One night I meditated, with LAM as a mantra – that was in my sleep also – and just in the morning, I experienced the flash of light when I realized the following: “… and let Asar be with Isa, who also are one. But they are not of me. Let Asar be the adorant, Isa the sufferer;…” – and what was interesting is that ISA who is also ASI is also 71, as 1+60+10. Osiris and Isis are ‘black’ gods, which means that they are related to Sephirah Binah, it is their unity, and it is confirmed as: ‘they are NOT of me’; NOT being LA, Nothing, AIN, whose reflection is Binah. Asar is an active component, ‘adorant’, and he is also of Chokmah, while Isa is passive, ‘sufferer’, of Binah (the pain and suffering are attributed to this Sephirah). Thus we have a specific connection of Lam, Isis, and Binah, but Isis as ‘reflection’ of Nuit does not have a direct connection with the ‘mystery’ of Hoor. In another case, Isa can be seen as Jesus, with what we have shown a double aspect of the past Aeon – Osirian (patriarchal adoration) and Christian (suffering). Jesus as ‘Christ’ represents the bringer of Light of Logos, the Lucifer, but it is more Gnostic concept than of ‘historical’ Christianity, and the relation with Lam is through the image of Hanged Man of Mem…. After this insight I fell back in sleep with the name of Lam as a mantra and, again, suddenly, experienced an energetic shock in first, then radiant energy fulfilled me and I saw LAM being the source of it.

To mention a few things besides this analysis. The meditations on Lam that I performed were in several ‘forms’. I always used the name of Lam as a mantra, and visualized the image of Lam, the only difference in meditations was the choice of particular chakra upon which I concentrated. I gave up on rites of invocations cause present living conditions, and fully concentrated on those night-astral workings. Also, through a years of work I came to a point that still puzzles me a little, and it concerns the contact with extraterrestrials or ‘Masters’, point is that I feel and believe that they can be ‘reached’ by two ‘ways’, one is the Invocation and aspiration towards The ‘Highest’ and another way is to ‘call’ them particularly. It seems to me that if you successfully aspire to The Highest, they appear to teach you and lead you, and when you call them for ‘help’ they might appear… anyway I prefer the first, we do not aspire to know ‘Masters’ but towards the Gnosis of Inmost Unity with Divine.

Then again, after some meditations on LAM I had few dreams that further described IT’s nature. It came up that LAM’s name is giving more about it. L- multitude, crowd (of people), A- all of this multitude (of people) does have a Child, and I had strong impression that this child is bloodless and toothless (that means without DM, and Shin, blood and Spirit); M- sea (with red boats on it). This means that Multitude is through attaining knowledge of the inner child is arriving at the shores of the Great Sea. I saw this also as, L- the multitude, A- unity, M- dissolution into Nothingness, and dwelling unbound in multitude. Also: L- multiple human nature in the outer, A-concentration on any and all particular entity, M- exceeding any situation. Also: L- purification, A-dedication, and M- Initiation. L- creating the illusion, A- living the Illusion, and M- the transcendence of Illusion into ‘Liberation’ and Understanding. This kind of interpretation of Lam’s name bears similarities with IAO formula, but L is not I, nor M is O (only if we see it as Nuit). IAO acts as Phallos-Proktos-Kteis while LAM is different (to me, as I see it). L is like the sign of Libra, rising of the Sun upon the horizon, A is Adonai, Augoeides (of Adepti), and M is ‘Mastership’, Magister Templi. As a Magickal Formula, in the first time I thought that LAM in its M held ‘SHT-AL’, but I saw also that every letter could stand separately for: L-LA; A-SHT; M-AL… but as a triple name, it could bear the similarity with all Formulas of Trinity. For instance, L-ABRA, A-HAD, M- ABRA, through which we can see that Sun is the Father in the outer, and that it is out Star-Father and Inner Sun-Father.

I can connect energies of LAM with three chakras more than others, L with Manipura, A with Anahata and M with Vishudi, that is the Way of attaining full ‘vision of LAM in Ajna. Lower chakras I attribute to Mother of Lam, due to one of the visions of Alphabet of Daggers, and Sahasrara I suppose to be ‘Akefalon’, the Headless.

After a while, through a dream come ‘understanding’ that L is preparation, A- (as Anubis appeared) opening of the way, realization, and M as exceeding of ‘situation’ through realization (that there are no Good or Evil gods). L is a balanced disposition of all elements that you ‘posses’ (on the Altar); A is that what others curse and despise is actually their resistance towards the ‘unknown’ and thus it is the bar (their resistance) for knowing the essence of being, the essence of elements (from the Altar). M is understanding of this process. M are the ‘tears’ and use of certain powers which are emanating from non-resistance, and freedom of usual life conventions. Anubis is ‘the opener of the ways’ and Lam is the Way. The worship of Anubis might be another key for attaining knowledge of Lam. And, it seems to me that in the Haal of Maati of ‘Egyptian book of dead’ LAM bears similarity with triad Thoth-Anubis-Maat.

I see LAM as a ‘key-way’ of attaining the ‘critical’ Grades of A.’.A.’., and this can be seen as ascending and descending ‘process’: Malkuth-L-Astral-A-Mental-M-Spiritual; and, Malkuth-M-Astral-A-Mental-L-Spiritual. (Of course, Astral, Mental and Spiritual are spheres of three Grades of Order of Thelemites, Man of Earth, Lover, and Hermit). In first, L is the need for the equilibrium of being, A is a spiritual aspiration that governs the elements and leads to one’s Angel, and M is dissolution in the sea of Understanding (The babe of the Abyss). The second ‘process’ is M as self-sacrifice in aspiration, A is The Holy Angel (certain ‘innocence’ in attaining ‘knowledge and conversation’); L is the ultimate equilibrium that destroys the duality, from which springs the Truth (Maat) in Understanding.

Back to numbers, LAM is 71, but with final M, it is 631, which is correspondent with ‘Hidden Mystery’. Also, LMD+ALP+MM = 265, and it is architect, broken, the crying of the heart (remember that I mentioned ‘tears’), sorrow, worry… that can be connected with Lam’s nature. 265 is thus RSH (that looks like Resh), thus Sun-Saggitarius-Aquarius. 265 gives us 2+6+5 = 13 that is Love and Unity, and 1+3 is 4, thus Daleth – Door, Gate-Way.


Finally, for the conclusion, I’m presenting further ‘proof’ of nature of Lam, for you to think of.
“…It’s all in the egg” said Amalantrah.
“…[This is of the 4: there is a fifth who is invisible, & therein am I as a babe in an egg.]” said Hadit in Liber AL vel Legis. The Master gave us a clue on ‘ babe’ and that it is all. The Egg is the fifth element – Spirit – Akasha (besides four: earth, air, water, and fire) that it is symbolized with the Black Oval of Akasha. ‘ALL’ is 61, that means that AL is LA, Nothing. Thus the babe is Nothing, thus it is ‘silence’. This means that the fifth element is invisible, and that essence of it is a babe. This is a top point of Pentagram, and thus the four elements are permeated with that invisible in which is a babe.

So, here HADIT speaks that ‘he’ manifests as HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT, that means as a babe in an EGG, and that Egg is Akasha-Spirit and obviously the HEAD of LAM (as we all know it’s image… also, in connection with Pentagram it is no wonder that I intuitively on my Aeon card draw the image of LAM for Shin, that is later confirmed by Lam and that just ‘now’ I realized the true meaning of this all).

RA-HOOR-KHUIT is the visible object of worship, he gave us four ‘tests’, that not only correspond to four Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, but to essence of four elements – that concerns the understanding of the Book of Law; while ‘others are secret’, means hidden in invisibility of Akasha-Spirit. The Path – Gateway is the EGG of LAM’s HEAD in which is babe Hoor-Paar-Kraat, in whom is hidden Hadit.


The pioneers of modern science, like G.E.Lemaitre, Einstein, Riemann, G.Gamow, E.P.Hubble, and others gave us ideas of how science interpret the universe has been manifested from the Cosmic Egg, even as the thinkers of the past were telling the similar philosophies. The fathers of modern psychology and psychotherapy, Freud, Jung and Reich did develop an understanding of the human mind and psyche in a way so advanced in comparison to past times, and even they saw the human self as an egg-sphere as a whole, containing sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious ‘parts’ with all dynamics and energetic correlations. It is upon us, the scientists of the Spiritual, whose science is Magick, to give further explorations and proofs of true nature of Universe and our own nature, with methods and aims that will unite the vast knowledge of separate methods of science and clear all and any unclearness on the nature of the EGG. The Egg that contains All.

Lam, Lam Family, Archetypes of Apostles, Zodiacal mindwarp, Invaders from Neptune, Initiators from our past and future operating from Sirius and Orion, The Headless God, Zothirian conspiracy, Octopodic Hierophants of Nemiron, Lam-Urian ancestors, extraterrestrials, Underground swelling of Luciferian Gnosis, Secret Masters..? Huh!?… Fantasy, illusion, lies, mistakes or truth of yours truly (Fr. Pelicanus∴ aka Fr. ALION∴) – you will have to judge by your own experience and knowledge on this matter. My story presently stops here, and I have only one sentence to add:

“Success is your proof!”

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