Liber HUT  – Hadit Meditation


Preparation: Asana & intensive Pranayama.


ROSE  – It grows and became a whole Universe.
CROSS  – It shrinks  – You are chasing it  – Point.
NUIT (as on the Stele of Revealing) above You (limitlessly large).

Meditate on Anahata Chakra  – it is a Point/Spark veiled in Light.
You are the Heart of Nuit  – a bright Star. You became a Winged Globe of Fire (*).

While inhaling concentrate on the point in Your heart; while exhaling concentrate on a Sphere around Yourself; with every exhalation, it is getting larger in geometric progression  – becoming Endless.


CUBE. Be this Cube, and inside It. Around it is a Circle; Pentagrams are on the sides of the Cube, and in the centre of every pentagram is elemental symbol  – Tatwa; with appropriate zodiacal sign; above and below are two Hexagrams – thus You are standing in luminous Pillar that is hollow, and You are a Spark in the centre of It.

Before You appears God THOTH  – unite Yourself with Him; take His Godform (astraly). In the sign of the Enterer pour the Energy into Pentagrams: The Cube in the Circle is getting larger  – becoming Endless.

You are rising vertically Upwards  – fly Up through the Pillar of Light.


WHEEL (with 6 or 10 pricks); feel It with Your whole Being. Became a Point  – an Axis of the Wheel.

Flashes and lightnings, thunders shivering and lightening the endless blue of the Sky.

See Yourself in the Purple Sphere  – around the Sphere is a green light  – It becomes:

SNAKE (eyes fiery red, green-purple body); Unite Yourself with It.

In space appears the Cross on the Mountain  – unite Yourself with It.

The Darkness is everywhere. Be conscious of the Cube in Circle (shining circle absorbed all symbols).

You are at the Center, inside The EGG, like a Baby, pure, innocent, quiet. Take a Godform of HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT. Dwell in silence. Breathe calmly.

Light is emerging and fills the Endless  – dwell in this Light.

In 11 cycles of breathing: Exhale  – expanding the consciousness to the sphere of infinity  – NUIT. Inhale  – swift contraction of consciousness to the centre of Heart  – Point – HADIT.

Heavens fall  – the unity of the point and infinity  – consciousness of Point and Infinity.

The explosion of consciousness: Ecstasy  – Two are united into Nought.




(*)  – In the sequence before the Cross on the Mountain, the Empress and Hierophant may appear – You can imagine those Arcanas and unite thyself with Them.

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